Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reebok Blast

Reebok is really trying hard to not get lost in the shuffle when it comes to basketball related kicks. Nike and the Jordan brand have held down the front strong in the new Millenium, and it's cool to see Under Armour really promoting an exciting campaign around future all-star Brandon Jennings (more on this later)- but we haven't heard much from Reebok on the basketball tip (Sorry - John Wall and those damn Zigs get no love here). That being said, bringing back the one and only Nick Van Exel's Reebok Blast's from 95 though, with updated Hexalite features and other performance related changes, is a great start. Reebok's back? More info after the jump. 

Play Cloths Holiday 2011 (Mixtape)

Most places won't post this but OSTT has you covered. Play Cloths is getting ready for the holiday season by dropping a new holiday mixtape in support of their new 2011 Holiday collection. You may have seen them sponsor a lot of Pusha's music with the iconic running boy logo.

The mixtape features freestyles from Pusha T, Fat Trel, Liva Don, Tyler the Creator and Hodgy Beats of Golf Wang, and many more. It’s safe to say this mixtape is stacked with good music, no pun intended.


1. Dont’t Fuck With Me (Feat. Pusha T)
2. Ima Boss Freestyle (Feat. Pusha T & Liva Don)
3. Tony Montana Freestyle (Feat. Pusha T)
4. Might Healthy Freestyle (Feat. Curt@!n$)
5. She Will Freestlye (Feat. Liva Don)
6. Ni**as In Paris Freestyle (Fat Trel)
7. Oooh (Ft. Hodgy Beats, Pusha T, Liva Don & Tyler The Creator)
8. Welcome to the Life (Feat. M. Watts)
9. I Shot Ya Freestyle (Feat. Curt@!n$)
10. Pesos Freestyle (Feat. Pusha T)

DL: PCH Mixtape 2011

Thank God I'm Fresh - King Me Hoodie

In the relentless search to bring you top notch fashion news of the day - A lot of underground brands don't always get the shine they deserve. That being said, I love it when they hit me up via EMAIL or on Twitter (Silk, Hop) to share new items. [Note - that's not a free pass that if you send stuff it'll get posted - it has to be, um, Tight!]. A couple days ago, TGIF crew hit me up on Twitter to let me know that their new King Me Hoodie has dropped online. They must know my affinity for hand-drawn/cartoon graphics. Head over to TGIF and purchase now. Use code "iAmKing" for a discount. Swag.

Check out the tag for previous Emerging Brands posts.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Juicy J | Blue Dream & Lean (Mixtape)

The newest Taylor Gang member Juicy J former Three 6 Mafia affiliate releases his newest body of work which I'm going to go out on a limb and say has the longest titled song names in the history of naming songs for mixtapes. Read that again if you missed it the first time may be one of those things that made sense in my head but didn't translate well to blog. You get what I'm saying overall I think the beats are great lyrics get a C+ but this is what people love to hear these days hard hitting beats with catchy lyrics so if I was grading it on that scale I'd say this is a B+ tape but that's merely an opinion you be the judge and take a listen. Lastly one of the standout tracks has to be the one with Kreayshawn. SWAG

CHUP Socks

I'm 100% for quality over quantity - but clocking in at $38 per pair - these Japanese made woven socks better feel like slipping your foot in to a cloud from Heaven. Available for purchase at Union Los Angeles.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Supreme x The North Face

Supreme and North Face's latest collaboration is featured in Cool Trans magazine, along with some other choice pieces from their current collection, as modeled by Yosuke Kubozuka. Check out the pics over at Hypebeast.

B.O.B. | EPIC: Every Play Is Crucial (Mixtape)

Strange Clouds drops March 2012. Looking forward to listening to this one alot of features on here including Eminem, Lil Wayne, T.I., Mos Def, 2 Chainz, Meek Mill & many more. Enjoy!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

NBA's Back!

What's that you say? The NBA is back? Let's get it! I will now end my lockout of posting basketball related sneakers since the Season is back on. I'll let you stick to Twitter and the "sources" and their articles over at ESPN, CNN, and other locations for now.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Eric Elms x Original Fake

After seeing the Eric Elms x Stussy collaboration a couple weeks back - don't get your hopes up. This shirt was actually developed for Eric Elms latest art show in Tokyo. We'll need to wait for a later date for Eric's Kilroy and KAW'S Companion figure to link up on a shirt. More pics here.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Zoltron - 18th Street Forum

I stumbled on this piece on Fecal Face a while back - and just had to post it. Artist Zoltron did a work featuring Ronald McDonald having a moment of clarity - and potentially feeling guilt over the fast food nation that he helped create. Over a two-week span, fellow artists took a crack at the wall - and oh boy. Check out Zoltron's original narrative here - and see the transgression of the piece below.

Wale | Barry Sanders (Video)

I figured it was fitting since the first Thanksgiving Day game was the Lions vs Packers plus I'm sure this is why Wale released it today. I honestly didn't think this song was that amazing when I first heard it. But after watching the visuals I'm sold Wale is a huge sneaker head and sports fan and I can only respect it. In this video you can see video of Wale making his way through Bristol CT home of ESPN and some raw footage of some of the great sports heroes, "Barry Sanders, Kobe Bryant, Grandmama aka LJ, The Candy Man Michael Olowokandi, Manute Bol, Harold "Baby Jordan" Minor, Michael Jordon, Vlade Divac.. I can go on.

Lupe Fiasco - Friend of the People: I Fight Evil (Mixtape)

I haven't gotten the chance to listen to the whole thing yet but my spidey senses tell me that it's moat likely pretty lyrically driven and hits political issues and strong beliefs. I respect Lupe for doing that he educates his listeners probably one of the reasons he doesn't get mainstream burn but I'd rather hear something real then hearing other rappers talk about how much money they have or how many whips they have, I dont have that money or those whips. Anyways I'll be thankful for any new free music on this wonderful holiday. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Mishka - Holiday 2011

Lot of great imagery on this one, folks. Check it out in its entirety over at Hypebeast.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Skulls 5 Panel Hats

SKULLS just put up some new 5-panel hats available for sale on their online store. Their collection sold out pretty quickly on the last go-round (only 5 in each colorway made), so act fast if interested. Oh, and all hats are hand-made in the US as well.

WZRD | Brake

Now I'm not even going to front I was worried about this new rock Kid Cudi not so much about him not cursing I totally respect that or any artist who can pull that off - wish more music was like that. I'm just not the biggest rock fan although I knew it wasn't going to be that type of rock.... Anyways I dig this sound and I'm excited for his new project slated to drop Jan 30. In case your out of the loop WZRD is the name of the group featuring Kid Cudi & long time producer friedn Dot Da Genius. Whats super interesting about this song is he really only sings like 6 lines haha. Still has that same Cudi feel but I can dig it. What do you think? Enjoy!

DL: Brake

Monday, November 21, 2011

Favorite Pastime

Last time I did a post on Favorite Pastime in early summer, 2011 - they didn't even have a web presense. Well, that has all changed. You can now keep up with this exciting Southern California brand over at their website - and yes, it is complete with a web-store for those wondering.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Hundreds x Diamond Supply Co.

Did a preview on this back in October - but now the complete line-up has been released. Available in store and online Nov 25th.

Mike Posner | The Layover

I want the music to do all the talking for this one always a Mike Posner supporter. I do love how he titles what to do for each song i.e. (Ride to this, smoke to this, fall asleep to this) love that! Also love that he gave us 21 tracks a project that should last your for some time. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

S-Double - Surfboard Collection

A lot of people have been asking me what's up with OSTT favorite S-Double - as it's been pretty quiet on the SS front as of late. Truth of the matter is, Mr. Shawn Stussy has been locked up in his warehouse, going back to his original love - shaping surfboards. Check out the complete range of S-Double shaped boards below, and info on the 'shop' up in Montecito, after the jump!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Terry Richardson x Camille Rowe x Happy Socks

I remember when I wanted to keep Happy Socks my own little secret - and didn't want to share the goods with you fine folks, haha. Over the last few years, Happy Socks has really grown in to a great brand that you can find all over the world - from Mom and Pop boutiques in Solvang to the biggest Department stores around. Anyway - they recently hooked up with Terry Richardson who shot their new lookbook, featuring people ranging from ASAP Rocky and Action Bronsen to Sky Ferrerata - check it here.

Sidenote: I was rocking this pair of Happy Socks at work last week - and was sitting next to the CFO during a company-wide meeting on strategy. He definitely called me out in the middle of the meeting, out of the blue - saying "those are the most hideous socks I have ever seen!!!" I started to respond that they are "swagged out", but switched it at the last second to let him (and the rest of the Company) know that they are stylish. So fair warning - not everyone will understand - wear with caution.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Enemy - Leave No Survivors

I was thinking today – really trying to figure what it is that draws me to t-shirts with cartoon graphics on them. I finally settled on two conclusions, and I’m sure the actual truth is a combination of both theories, mixed in with something else that is eluding me at the moment.
1.       Nostalgic Factor – The graphics bring me back to a simpler time, when all a young Silk had to worry about was what cartoon to watch Saturday morning, and what was going to happen on Wrestling (WWF) Sunday morning.
2.       The Holy Grail – I by no means had a ‘rough’ childhood – I came up as an only child, living in a household with two parents who both had jobs and who sacrificed a lot in order to have us live in a nice community, helping shape me to be the person I am today. That being said – we weren’t nearly as well off as a lot of the families/kids I grew up around. Between that, and the fact that there was no way my parents were going to be involved with a raising a spoiled brat – led me to hear the answer “No” whenever my question began with a “I want a...” or “Can I please have a...” when it related to frivolous goods (toys, clothes, etc). Fast forward a couple of decades, and we have a young man that has graduated college and held excellent jobs the last 5 years – and finds himself drawn to items that reference those same goods that he wasn’t able to get when he was too young to buy them for himself.

Anyway, that was quite the tangent. Just had to do a little soul-searching for a sec, ha. Today’s shirt is from Another Enemy, and features none other than Yosemite Sam with a simple message - Leave No Survivors.

Babylon Cartel & Mike Blud | Take Care Samples

This is actually really cool. I wish more people would do this. We all know more and more people are using samples in their music BC + MB actually put together all the samples involved in Drake's sophmore album Take Care. I think the craziest thing I noticed was that Underground Kings used like 3 or so tracks for its sample. This is also interesting to me because it lets you see what type of music the artist grabs inspiration from. Good seeing good old John B and SWV also RIP Gil Scott Heron. Hit the jump to DL & see the track listings for the exact samples used for the corresponding Take Care songs.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rocksmith x The Wu Tang Clan

This collab ain't nothing to f*** with. Too much? Sorry. That was for my Wu-heads out there. The entire Rocksmith x Wu Tang collaboration is available now over at Digital Gravel.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Nike Air Max 180

In this man's opinion - one of the best thing's Nike has done creatively over the years is bring NIKEid to the masses. Providing Sneakerheads worldwide with an opportunity to design their own 1-of-1 custom kicks with limitless options (the Air Max 180, pictured above - features 11 customizable sections, more than 13 color choices, and 5 materials), how can you go wrong. Design your own here - I did, my pair is pictured above.

Ludacris | 1.21 Gigawatts Back to the First Time (Mixtape)

Luda has been long overdue this is a solid mixtape not sure how I feel about the album cover but the content is excellent. Enjoy!

Update: So if you listened to the last track featuring Wiz you may have noticed his verse missing. Well here is the track below with Wiz's verse also in case you didn't know that Bada Boom track was a diss track in response to Big Sean's interview where he dissed Luda on his flow. Why Big Sean? Why? I would never diss Luda he's too clever with his punchlines.

DL: What U Smokin Ft. Wiz

Alt DL

Monday, November 14, 2011

Vans - Stars

Stumbled on these today - and will likely be adding these to the shoe collection shortly. Purchase here.

Mike Posner | Rocket Man (Ft. Bun B)

He's back! I think I can speak for me and my blog partner Prince and say that this guy is a OSTT favorite. I remember when I got put on to his music I can probably safely say that's when I really started listening to music differently he's not rap, he's not really R&B he just creates good music. This one is a cover of probably one of the most famous Elton John songs with the same title and features the legend Bun B. Word on the net is that he's hitting us with a new mixtape on 11/20 titled the Layover so be on the lookout I'll be sure to post it so check back. Also if you listen to the track he's working on his sophmore album with Pharell! Oh snaps now that's tight.... Sorry I had too. Anyways I know that's going to be great even though he really doesn't need Pharell but having Skateboard P doesn't hurt. Just in case you didn't know he produces all his own stuff including this song. Enjoy!

DL: Rocket Man ft Bun B.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Undrcrwn - College x Thug Life

Juxtaposition, much? Felt this shirt was appropriate - given a lot of stuff thats going on right now. Purchase here.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Freeminds Fall 2011 - Destroy and Rebuild

We first highlighted Freeminds Summer collection back in June as part of an Emerging Brands feature, and they haven't gone anywhere yet as they are back for more with their Fall Collection, built around a "Destroy and Rebuild" theme. Check out the lookbook here, great imagery. Go to their webstore here for any items you'd like to purchase.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Victoria's Secret Fashion Show x Air Yeezy 2 x H&M x Versace

Is this an all-ecompossing #OSTT post or what? Kanye West (Music) performs at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show (High Fashion, 4 the ladies) wearing the yet-to-be released, highly anticipated Nike Air Yeezy 2's (Kicks) and the H&M x Versace Jacket. That shit 'cray.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Stussy x Mike Judge x Beavis and Butt-Head

These drop Monday, November 14th - do I really need to say more? I'm stoked on the fact that MTV brought back the boys from Highland High. Did you catch the season premier? Hilarious! Clownin' on Jersey Shore, 16&Pregnant, Twilight, and more, Beavis and Butt-head are back, with the same horrible animation as 1993. For a glimpse at the entire line of shirts, presented by Stussy, check here. Also note there are some limited edition posters, in addition to sweatshirts, available Monday. Don't sleep, Corn-holio.

Yelawolf | Yonkers (Freestyle) + Hard White (Remix ft. T.I. & Slaughterhouse)

Yonkers (Freestyle)

Hard White (Remix Ft. T.I. & Slaughterhouse)

Recently Yelawolf sat down with Tim Westwood and spit a few bars to the Yonkers beat. This beat still goes hard & is one of my favorite OFWGKTA beats. So far everyone I've heard freestyle to it kills it. It has that old but new school feel to it. For the second track Hard White Yela enlists his fellow Shady teammates Slaughterhouse & the newly released King. Both tracks are bangers lookout for that Radioactive on 11/21.

DL: Yonkers (Freestyle)
DL: Hard White (Remix)

R. Kelly | Shut Up

Yeah buddy! First of all so happy to hear that everything went well on his throat surgery. I think the R&B game as a whole has been missing this guy tremendously. I love what Trey has been doing and I respect his grind but R. Kelly creatively is one of the best. He can literally make a sex song song only talking about planets or a sex song from the jungle perspective, yeah I know you remember those. Or if you really want to take it back to the Trapped in the Closet series! My point is despite all the negative issues he had to deal with in the past there is no mistake about it that R. Kelly is a pioneer and I'm super excited that he's making a comeback. Lastly with how everything has been going on social media and with today's younger generation not fully understanding what real music is like (not all but most). I feel like this song was right on time. So shut up and listen! I mean that in a nice way. =)
No no offense to the other artist but come on dog now lets be honest how many babies been made off me O.M.G. - R. Kelly
DL: Shut Up

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Eric Elms x Stussy - Wish You Were Here

Artist Eric Elms has collaborated with Stussy got together and created a line-up of 5 shirts and 1 hoodie featuring Eric's charachter, Kilroy. Check out the collection here (available for purchase now!)

Trae Tha Truth | All That I Know (Ft. Mystikal, Tech N9ne & Brian Angel)

Yeah buddy. First of all I have the upmost respect for Mystikal and Tech N9ne as they have stuck to what they do best and have been doing it for a long time. This track is pretty dope. Love the beat and I love this picture not sure where this track will live but hopefully we hear more from these guys soon. In case you all weren't aware Mystikal has been doing a little comeback with Manny Fresh check it out here as he gives us a in studio cypher with Manny on the drum machine. Also if you haven't got a chance to check out Tech N9ne's newest body of work you can here. Enjoy!

UPDATE: haaa I forgot to mention this but if you want to see Manny Fresh in a ____ ___ shirt you should click the cypher link. I may cop one now that Manny is rocking one it instantly makes it cool in my opinion.

DL: All That I Know

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

The Very Best of Versace - For H&M

A couple times a year, H&M gains a lot of interest from the fashion world when the turn out one of their famed collaborations with various high fashion design houses. Past guest designers have included Karl Lagerfield, Stella McCartney, Madonna, Comme de Garcons, Jimmy Choo, and Lanvin. With interest from the typical H&M/mall shoppers up to the high brow-boutique only crowd - these collections typically sell out within an hour (and yes, people camp out for them, Sneakerheads you aren't alone) - so if you are trying to cop some Versace on the low low - stay on your toes - and be on the lookout November 17th, because this collaboration is catching a lot of people's attention. Check out a video/commercial for the collection after the jump.

Monday, November 07, 2011

Public Label - Fall/Winter 2011

Scott Turner from The Hundreds, better known as Switch to some, or for his Tumblr, Everything You Love to Hate to others, provided a preview of The Hundreds Public Label collection for the current season. This is where the RSWD crew steps outside of the graphic t and fitted look and comes up with some thoughtfully designed cut and sew pieces for a more mature look. Cool kids grow up too.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Greg Mike - Seven Seas

My boy Gabe put me up on Greg Mike (I think he said that he was suggested to follow him on Twitter, like his 'twitcon', and wha-la) - and now that I'm in the know, I'm a fan as well! He has some limited prints, shirts, stickers, and other goodies at his online store, and per his twitter account - should be releasing a new print this week - but I think I'm going to need to cop this "Seven Seas" print now. Check out the store here!

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Chino's (S-Double and Toddland)

As a kid up through high school, I never thought I would wear a pair of jeans by choice. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the South Bay of Sunny California, but regardless of the weather, shorts were the only option for me. Around sometime in college, I embraced jeans – but this was mainly to have something suitable to wear ‘out’. After college – I became obsessed with denim. Nothing beats breaking in a pair of Raw Selvage denim and truly making them your own, and once I got my first pair of good denim, I was all about it. 

This year, I’ve branched out a bit with a couple of different types of pants – and been a fan of both. In early 2011, I bought a pair of S-Double utility chino’s. Similar to Raw denim, this unwashed product came in stiff – and breaking them in over the next 5 years is going to be a nice adventure. Last weekend, I stumbled on a pair of grey chino’s from Toddland. Two quick things to consider – 1, I never paid Toddland any mind as a brand, and that is 100% due to those corny wallets they make (sorry – no pass on those), and 2, I absolutely could not sleep/hate on these pants once I stumbled on them. The tags say “the most comfortable pants you’ll ever wear” – and truer words have never been spoken. Soft as butter, excellent cut (slender and fitted) – I was amazed, and had to have them. 

Anyway, the S-Double and the Toddland pants are on opposite side of the chino spectrum – the S-Doubles are of the upmost quality and are probably going to be just as if not more comfortable than the Toddland’s once broken in, and the Toddland’s are perfect as is. I guess the point of the post is to never limit your possibilities – fashion is fun, expand your horizons, try something new and experiment, and don’t limit yourself to a specific look.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Tyga | Heisman Pt 2 (Ft. Honey Cocaine)

I'm telling you Tyga is doing work on these beats can't wait for his new CD and mixtape. On this track he features his newest artist signed to Last Kings, Honey Cocaine. What do you think about this young new Asian artist, Honey Cocaine, from the West Coast? I personally like that the females are getting into it also she is from the West so you have to love that. Anyways enjoy this bad boy and while your at it make sure you pose, Hesiman, pose, Hesiman. SWAG!

DL: Hesiman Pt. 2

Ray-Ban x Brooks Brothers

Ray-Ban and Brooks Brothers collaborate on a pair of Wayfarers, featuring the classic Ray-Ban silhoutte and the symbolic Brooks Brothers print on the inside. If you weren't able to cop a pair of the Rare Color edition Ray-Bans last year - snag these! Via the Feed.

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Drake | The Motto Remix (Ft. Lil Wayne & Tyga)

It was only fitting I had a picture of the late great Mac Dre for this song. Also thought it was ironic Prince of Gundo posted a Mac Dre tribute shirt the bay has a bunch of talent and they've been doing it for a long time, glad to see one of the biggest artist out right now paying homage to a legend. He is putting out some great music and he always switches his flow up which I really appreciate he never does the same thing, Take Care should be quite the treat come 11/15. Also be on the lookout for Tyga he's also putting out some great music. Makes me want to cook and not that type of cooking, swag cooking. Enjoy!

DL: The Motto Remix

The Hundreds x Mac Dre

First - I do like this. With a look on my face like I smelt some piss. Bounce to the beat till it starts to hurt, then I dust off the smirk, off me shirt. 

Huge props to The Hundreds for showing love to the Bay Area rap legend Mac Dre. Mac Dre is one of those people who life was taken before he really had a chance to share his gift with the world. Those that know, know... Dre was a cat that didn't take himself too seriously, and made fun music you could dance to - while really helping birth the hyphy movement. If you aren't familiar with his body of work, check out some of my favorite Mac Dre songs/videos after the jump, as well as the other TH shirt (both release at the THSF store on Thursday). RIP Mac Drizzle.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Smooth Operator

I was on 7 hr flight today from Miami back to Cali (without internet – c’mon SouthWest!) – so basically had a lot of time to go through my computer and clean up the desktop, organize folders, fix my Outlook, etc. Long story short – I stumbled on this pic of an old UndrCrwn shirt that I never posted. UndrCrwn always does an EXCELLENT job of seamlessly combining hip-hop culture references with sports, and this short is no different (yes – I know that Sade goes WAY beyond hip-hop culture, but you know what I mean). Speaking of UndrCrwn and sports/hip-hop, UndrCrwn recently featured Zambezi Marketing’s latest ad, “The History of Bling” – featuring the music of Pac Div, and a collection of your favorite NBA superstars. Did I mention that OSTT’s own J-Hop helped out on the video shoot in New York? Been wanting to give him (public) props on that - check the video out after the jump.

A$AP Rocky | LiveLoveA$AP (Mixtape)

Here is the super anticipated A$AP Rocky tape not bad has to grow on me a little. What I did think was interesting was the brands he mentions in his music which Complex put together a nice little writeup on check it out here.

Silk's 2 Cents - I'm a fan of ASAP Rocky, and I'm interested to see what the ASAP click does with the $3 million dollar deal they just signed. When the video for Purple Swag first dropped in July- I was intrigued. The song had the southern twang, the video had a west coast vibe (braids, 40's, porches), but the swag was Harlem. He's definitely heavily influenced by the Screwed movement, but adds his own twist. We'll see if he has what it takes to stick around - or if he's going to be another flash in the pan of rappers expected to take the reign for NY.