Thursday, November 10, 2011

Yelawolf | Yonkers (Freestyle) + Hard White (Remix ft. T.I. & Slaughterhouse)

Yonkers (Freestyle)

Hard White (Remix Ft. T.I. & Slaughterhouse)

Recently Yelawolf sat down with Tim Westwood and spit a few bars to the Yonkers beat. This beat still goes hard & is one of my favorite OFWGKTA beats. So far everyone I've heard freestyle to it kills it. It has that old but new school feel to it. For the second track Hard White Yela enlists his fellow Shady teammates Slaughterhouse & the newly released King. Both tracks are bangers lookout for that Radioactive on 11/21.

DL: Yonkers (Freestyle)
DL: Hard White (Remix)