Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tanner Goods - Waxed Canvas Tote

You already know that #OSTT supports Tanner Goods in a major way. They have recently expanded outside of producing wallets, belts, and other accessories - and they now have some quality bags for your wifey to enjoy. Check out the specs below:

Clean of line, pure of purpose and rugged in construction, it’s built to do three things: carry your stuff, look good doing it, and last. Constructed of 10.10oz waxed canvas, with English Bridle handles and accents, it features one main compartment, with two exterior patch pockets and one exterior zippered pocket. The bag closes with a sturdy snap closure, and features a co-branded Tanner Goods - 3sixteen patch on the interior. Bag measures 13"x15"x3"
Made in the USA 

This Valentines Day, spare the Roses, or the over-priced mass produced Luxury brands (ahem, LV, Burberry, Coach, I'm looking in your direction), and pick up a bag from Tanner Goods here.  

Monday, January 30, 2012

Raif Adelberg Interview

Raif Adelberg is back on the scene in a major way - designing and constructing custom pieces from deadstock hand knit cowhichan sweaters for a new collaboration project. Raif has kept busy since founding Made Magazine with projects such as the modern boutique 24, the world renowned luxury store Richard Kidd, Deadboys Clubhouse and his own hand knit cashmere collection Raif Adelberg. 

The collection was released late 2011 - but that's not the reason for the post - I was just watching this interview he did with Stussy again (posted after the jump) - and felt like it needed to be shared. This is one of those dudes that has aged within the culture - and is continuing to pump out quality products. I like when the owners and designers behind brands and movements allow their product to grow with their  supporters - and not pigeon-hole their own product to a particular demographic. Interview after the jump!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Costacos Bros x No Mas

Hypebeast's summary pretty much nails it:

New York mainstay No Mas and its founder Chris Isenberg recently linked up with West Coasters, Country Club, and Mondrian Los Angeles to release a special collection of T-shirts dedicated to the extensive resume and work of The Costacos Brothers and the recently launches exhibition titled, “For The Kids.” Having made a name for themselves during the 1980s with their fantasy-based depictions of a wide array of sports kingpins from the decade, the Los Angeles exhibition will showcase a range of artwork, lithographs and other visuals from The Costacos Brothers archives. Having previously been displayed in New York, the newly expanded “For The Kids” West Coat exhibit tapped No Mas to turn five of the photo prints into a unique collection of T-shirts that will align with the show. Limited to only 50 pieces of each style, the graphic tees boast visuals that include the likes of Bo Jackson, Jerry Rice, Kirk Gibson, James Worthy as well as a Wayne Gretsky/Magic Johnson combo.

Is there any way that Mike doesn't get the James Worthy shirt? Check out the entire collection here - and rep that west.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mike23 - WayFresher

When putting together's yesterday's post on those shades from 9Five, the 2Three's, I couldn't help but be reminded of the brand Mike23 (Taking cues the GOAT as well - both with name and cement inspired colorways). These glasses were featured on OSTT back in 2007, and at that time - they were not yet commercially available. The WayFresher's eventual release was held up to the C&D that Jordan Brand hit them with (Nike/Jordan Brand don't give much leeway when it comes to heavy reliance on His Airness' likeness) - but come to find out, you can still purchase Mike23's "WayFresher" sunglasses today! There is more to these glasses than a classic silhouette and dope print - these of the upmost quality.

"... a set of premium sunglasses that’s hand crafted in Japan featuring the infamous crackle pattern. To construct the Mike acetate frames a process of over 40 days and 100 craftsmen are needed. The construction process starts where several sheets of acetate are hand cut to size one at a time and over a period of six hours are heated to 150 degrees layer by layer. At this time a craftsman hand molds and shapes into a curved face-forming shape. After a cooling period, the shapes are than hand craved and are polished in a tumbling process over a two week period. The frames are attached to the arms with ten rivets, “2″ on the front and “3″ on the side for each arm to create the strongest hinge available int he optical industry."

Hopefully Mike23 can find a way to get those cement print chucks back on the market as well!

Friday, January 27, 2012

9Five - 2Three Cement Print Glasses

These are some pretty smooth shades - available now over at the Attic! Check out more info on availability here. Love the structure of the glasses and the elephant/cement print on the sides - not a huge fan of the translucent lens, but I'd still rock these without question.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Stussy x Shay Maria x D. Steezy

Photographer D. Steezy unleashed a new photo set - this time, featuring Shay Maria (previously featured in a The Hundreds ad also featured on OSTT) draped in a cut n sew piece from streetwear's OG STUSSY. Check out more from D. Steezy here.

Joe Budden | No Church In The Wild (Freestyle)

Joey spits some bars over one of my favorite WTT tracks. I really love this beat between this and Ni**as in Paris I'm not sure which got more rotation. I think this fits Joey's style a lot. You know what I would like to hear? Slaughterhouse on Ni**as in Paris that would be sort of epic. Anyways enjoy!

DL: NCITW (Freestyle)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yayoi Kusama - Self Portrait 2008

I think this is an awesome concept that RxArt is putting on. Proceeds from each of 200-piece puzzle that you purchase (each of which features classic art prints, such as Yahoi Kusama's 2008 portrait above) are given to the organization whose objective is to curate fine original artwork for hospital walls across the country. You can purchase these, and other products benefiting the organization, here. 

More info after the jump.

Yuna | Live Your Life (Prod Pharell Williams)

Live Your Life by Yuna Music

Yuna is an independent Malaysian singer-songwriter. She began writing her own songs when she was 14 years old, and her first performance of her own songs was at the age of 19, after she learned how to play guitar. She has performed in numerous acoustic shows and events in many parts of Malaysia since 2006.

She was eventually discovered in the US by the Indie-Pop record label and management company. They flew out to Malaysia to convince her to sign with them and then preceded to get her a deal with the Fader Label, a record label based in New York, in February 2011. She released her debut US EP, Decorate, in the United States in March the same year.

Above you can find her newest offering produced by none other then Skateboard P. I like it soulful and calming. I know I haven't been posting a bunch of Hip Hop lately but you haven't lived or appreciated music until you can step outside the genre and appreciate all music. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Miike Snow | Paddling Out + Black Tin Box

Miike Snow - Black Tin Box (Feat. Lykke Li) by Ernestime

Miike Snow releases two new tracks presumably off their upcoming album Happy to You set for a March 27 release date. I'm a fan well ever since Silvia, which is a great song. The second track Black Tin Box features Lykke Li - digging the vibe on both. If your going to Coachella be on the lookout for Miike Snow as they'll be performing on day 2 of the festival April 14/21. Enjoy!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Movado - Large Bold

Want a classy Movado watch but don't want to look like your Uncle?  Movado's Large and Bold watch is for you! Purchase here.

Chip Tha Ripper | Tell Ya Friends (Mixtape)

Haven't got a chance to listen to this yet but I'm sure it's worth the FREE download. I've always liked Chip's sound wasn't a huge fan of the last mixtape but loved The Cleveland Show. Support the Cleveland, OH representer. Speaking of Ohio, I will see you soon brick roads. RIP Granny Hopson.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Uniqlo - Los Angeles

Are you ready for UNIQLO to finally touch down out here in Los Angeles? I am! According to Refinery 29, a 6 month management program taking place in Japan got underway in late 2011 for a new Los Angeles flagship - so don't be surprised to see a store on the west coast before 2012 ends.

Dom Kennedy - Black Caricature T

Dooooooom Keeeeeeeeeeeenedy! I'm feeling this shirt a lot - has that old school, swap meet feel to it (shout out to The Roadium!). Click here to purchase the shirt and support your local artist! I'm looking forward to that Yellow Album dropping soon.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

George Guest Backpacks

I'm not sure if you saw Hop's post on The Aer the other day, but he dropped a slight gem in there that I want to make sure you all caught.

"Also seeing this site is mainly based on fashion & lifestyle I figured I'd throw this cool fact in one of these guys brothers also owns a line of backpacks called George Guest. Head over there to check them out. Pretty pricey but nice high-end looking backpacks."

Hopefully you all checked out that link - but in the event that you didn't, this is what 2nd chances are for! Constructed of 18 oz. treated duck canvas and featuring full grain leather base and trim - these Rolltop Backpacks are not for play! Also includes two external "quick access" pockets for notebooks/pens/pads/wallets/keys etc., but includes padding for security in case you want to throw a tablet in there. Internal pocket is large enough to carry a 17in laptop, books, etc. 
I don't like over paying for a product where a company is just relying on their name/monogram logo (*cough*) - but if you are a newcomer and really putting the emphasis of your line on the product itself - well that deserves some cash and attention.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Nudie Post Recycle Dry Jeans

I was checking out The Feed yesterday, and came across this new pair of Nudie denim making use of recycled denim - pretty cool. Apparently the old/used denim is cut and broken down, then blended with new organic cotton, to create a unique pair of 'green' (as in environmentally friendly) denim. Limited to only 500 (numbered) pairs - be on the lookout for these!
Note: Insert AYO, Pause, No Homo, Etc at the picture above as necessary.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Iggy Azalea x The Hundreds

Iggy Azalea has collaborated with The Hundreds on the shirt pictured above, available in Black, Purple, and Forest Green. More information coming soon!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

in4mation x Vans Chukka - Rattles

As much as I love a graphic tee, now a days, I like to spice up a low key outift (grey/black/navy or white tee with a raw pair of jeans) with a nice pair of nice shoes. Ladies and gentlemen, this pair fits the buck.

OSTT | The Reach (Fresh Aer Movement Edition)

What I love the most about being the guy who's into music and doing the website thing is that people often come to me to tell me about new artist - some I listen to, some I don't, some I love... What's even cooler is when I'm tired of listening to all the music I have and no one is posting anything good I get a email with a link to these guys music. Specifically the song up above which is a remix to one of the more notable Biggie songs. Before I go into anymore I want to clarify the title.

When I think it's appropriate to give someone more love then normal or I see or hear something that other mainstream sites aren't all posting at the same time I give it the OSTT stamp. The Reach is actually the name of the Aer's new album which is what I'm sharing with you in addition to the "Story to Tell" track above. The Fresh Aer Movement is basically, well you get it by now and I dig it every artist has a phrase or movement now a days and I dig theirs. You can check out their website to catch up on all the remixes and videos they've done. Below I'll also provide a link to the album - I know your thinking wow it's on iTunes should he be giving a link out? Well put it this way they are giving links out and at this stage I think it's better to give it to you guys to get a feel for who they are "awareness" people. Then if you like go out and support!

Overall I really like these guys they aren't trying to come out and be another Mac Miller, MGK, Asher Roth etc... they have a unique sound and its a crossbreed between Hip Hop & Pop sometimes I confuse myself with genres but you get what I'm saying. These guys could do magic in the future, they just need the right ears and timing. If you like the song above you really won't be disappointed in the album.

Last but not least thanks to Emma who shot the links my way. Also seeing this site is mainly based on fashion & lifestyle I figured I'd throw this cool fact in one of these guys brothers also owns a line of backpacks called George Guest. Head over there to check them out. Pretty pricey but nice high-end looking backpacks. Seems like that family isn't doing too bad for themselves. ENJOY!

DL: Story to Tell (Biggie Remix)
DL: The Reach (Album)

Fresh Prince | JAAM (The Fresh Prince Remix)

Who doesn't love the Prince? One of my favorite shows of all time and in my top 3 right behind Martin being #1. Props to Devour for posting this remix. If you want to download the track checkout Pogo - VJ & Producer Nick Bertke's site. Enjoy!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

JMSN | Alone

The good thing about today's music is there are so many ways to get your music on the net and the fact that people are always looking to introduce a new artist all you have to do is look on a few blogs and you're bound to come across a artist you probably have never ever heard of. Meet JMSN (Jameson) a new artist who is compared to the Weeknd when it comes to sound. I say pump the brakes he's not quite that good and more like a Weeknd meets Justin Timberlake if you ask me. He has a new album out called Priscilla this is my favorite track off of it. What do you think? Enjoy!

DL: Alone

Monday, January 16, 2012


Alas - another hip-hop inspired clothing line? Rather than linking to all of the unsuccessful ventures in the past, I'll link to the one (well, technically, two) rapper led brands that have turned out successful product, in my opinion. Trukfit, Lil Wayne's latest venture, is obviously taking its cues from 1/2 the brains behind the successful previous rapper lead endeavor, but is being built for more 'mass appeal' with an apparent deal with 'shopping mall favorite' Zumiez already in place, rather than catering to the streetwear/fashion elite. At the end of the day - hey, get in where you fit in.  Let's see what else Weezy F. Baby has in store for the this brand in the future.More info, and picture above, via the one and only Miss Info.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

S-Double: Pocket T

I make absolutely no attempt to hide this at all : S-Double is one of my favorite brands out right now. Shawn Stussy, the originator of what you have come to know as Streetwear, couldn't be bothered about setting or following trends, building up or promoting his product releases, or even releasing product in conjunction with the seasons - he drops product when the quality and design is up to par, and when its ready to purchased. If you happen to check the site/are in the know of the drop - good for you, purchase some great stuff. If not, no sweat. My man has made millions off the company that now only bears his surname - this time around, he's in for the fun, and the love. Check the S-Double site now for the goods available for purchase (yes - the boards we previously mentioned are now available online for purchase).

Seriously though - In case you aren't buying the fact that he is letting the product speak for itself, this is how the shirt above is described on the website - looks eerily similar to a write-up I'd typically do for this site -  not what you'd expect from a salesman trying to get you to buy his product -  but that's how S-Double rolls:

"This pocket tee comes in a fine gauge jersey knit with a slimmer silhouette... Our classic logo is printed just above the pocket... Simple and low-key..."

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lazy Oaf - 2012 Spring/Summer

Since I'm out here in London right now for the weekend, I figured that it only makes sense that I bring you a bit of a local London flavor with today's post. Lazy Oaf hasn't been around that long - but the splash they have made in a short amount of time is pretty undeniable. Being out on the other side of the pond this past week, I've really drawn a lot of inspiration from European style, there is no denying that. Check out more pics of Lazy Oaf's Spring/Summer line here.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Supreme London

I'm currently out traveling in Europe - and my current stop brought me to London for the weekend. Aside from checking out the obvious sites (Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Parliament Building, Westminster Abbey, etc) - I had to stop by London's new must-see attraction - Europe's first Supreme flagship store. The store has about what you've come to expect from Supreme - minimalist design featuring Skateboards hanging on the wall, along with Supreme, Thrasher, Chocolate, and Girl gear spread throughout the store. Art fans get a special treat as Mark Gonzales provided drawings and sculptures (one located on the bottom floor, one hanging from the top) As you'd expect, selection of product was also at a minimum - so head there closer to a drop date if you want to cop some of the premier pieces, as they go just as quickly here as they do in LA, NY, and Japan.

Also - be sure to check out this excellent write-up done by The Business of Fashion here. This is an excellent article that captures topics such as the brand's longevity, exclusivity, and quality. Make sure and give it a read.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wood Wood - Spring/Summer 2012

You already know how I personally feel about pre-distressed denim - but let's be honest - this is the type of look one strives for when breaking in their favorite pair of jeans regardless. That being said, if its more about the destination than the journey for you - might as well at least get a classy pair of denim like this! More pics of the Wood Wood look book here.

Theophilus London | Last Night (LVRS Anthem)

Woooop! So I know I'm late on this post but I had to hit you with two today. So my buddies went with me to see this guy open up for Friendly Fires for my birthday and his swag was through the roof ha or atleast in his mind. I thought this was going to be a track we heard that woke the place up which was a sample from Wayne's 6 foot 7 foot. I have a feeling he is saving that for something bigger but here is a new offering and a solid one if I didn't know this was Theophilus I'd definitely think it was a Cudi song. Enjoy!

DL: Last Night

Dom Kennedy | Why The Hell Not

Dommmmm Kennedy - In my boy Ray Ray's voice. That was a inside joke that will never get old but here is a old track that has hit the net that I think is super dope! I love the live drum sound blended with rap. It also fits Dom's style I think. Dom has a new project coming soon so check back we'll be sure to keep you covered. Enjoy!

DL: Why The Hell Not

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hyperreal Paintings Series -

 Dope picture, right? Vivid imagery. Great colors. Interesting subject (Fresh sushi!). I was shocked to learn that these series of what appear to be photographs are in fact a set of paintings done by none other than famed artist Diego Gravense (check some of his other works here).

More pics from the series, and summary below,  via Juxtapoz:
Argentinian-painter Diego Gravinese creates hyperreal oil on canvas and acrylic paintings that at first we thought were a series of photographs. The works are highly detailed, capturing both mundane and bizarre scenes in photo realistic style.

Mac Miller | Jerry's Record Store

Mac drops off this new freestyle via his twitter last night, and I kind of dig it. This kid works hard, not going to lie didn't love him at first but his music definitely grew on me. I actually got a chance to see him live and he's a pretty solid entertainer he's really good at keeping the crowd involved and making it personal and fun which shows in his music. Enjoy!

DL: Jerry's Record Store

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Victornox - Original Chronograph

There are two types of watches in this work - those watches that will spice up any bland outfit - and those that will perfectly compliment a well put together ensemble suitable for business and/or pleasure, while never looking out of place. This watch fits both of those molds, which is rare (although the Black on black on black always helps) -  More info here - via the Feed.

OSTT | Pantystep: Pleasure Her Pain (Life + Times Edition)

Yes! In case this is the only site you frequent and weren't aware a lot of sites are starting to do these unique mixes and I'm all for them! I'm also all for if this is the only site you frequent haha jk. But this is what I was sort of trying to accomplish with the OSTT series but I'm just not experienced in mixing. Maybe Prince my blog partner can get his buddy DJ Rell to do a couple unique mixes for the site in addition to the OSTT Volumes. This one is provided by Life + Times, so shouts to them! What I don't like is that all the tracks are blended into one, but on the other hand it's genius to do it this way because then people will listen to it all the way through which is the preferred way to listen to music. Also I want to give a shout to DJ aka Darcy Jane who first told me to check this out thanks for following the site and supporting. Enjoy!

Tracklist after the jump.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Jay-Z | Glory feat B.I.C.

Shifting gears to something much more important... As you all may know Jay-Z & Beyonce gave birth to a baby girl yesterday - Blue Ivy Carter. Jay blesses us with this track to show his love for his little one, produced by none other then Pharell. Fitting he links up with Skateboard for the first track dedicated to his daughter. I love it! Once you have a kid your focus and priorities seem to shift I wish the Carter's the best. Still crazy to think Jay rented out the whole hospital for 1.4 while Beyonce gave birth. Lastly, if that isn't a celebrity name "Blue Ivy" not sure what is. Enjoy!

Update: LOL this is embarrassing but in case you were wondering who the feature is B.I.C = Blue Ivy Carter... yeah I just got that one too.

DL: Glory

Common | Stay Schemin Remix (Round 2)

Ahh! Beefing is alive and well! So eventually I plan on getting to a point to where I stop venting my thoughts about music on twitter (@Hop_OSTT - excuse the shameless plug) and just putting my thoughts on here. It just bugs me when people discount a beef because they think someone is soft... I could be overreacting and people are just joking to joke which is perfectly fine. But I think this is the best thing to happen to music outside of the Weeknd & Rick Ross in a good minute or should I say the best beef in some time if it continues. Think about it you have two of today's greatest MC's going back and forth on the same topics fans dislike about rappers now a days. Lyrically we're getting some top notch music!

Before I go into any more of my thoughts here is a quick rundown.

+ Common - Sweet
+ Common confirms he was talking about Drake on Sweet
+ Q-Tip backing Common going in on Noah 40 (Drake's producer) via Twitter
+ Drake responds on Stay Schemin

Round 2

+ Common - Stay Schemin Remix
+ To be continued...

If you care to read the rest hit the jump!

Nike Sportswear Mayfly Fresh Mint

These may not be the most stylish joints in the world - but these are the type of shoes that are made for running long distances - but so perfect for lounging/kicking it. Yes - I'm biased in thinking that I need a comfy pair of shoes since I'm leaving for Belgium today at 1:30pm and don't get in until 8:15am on Tuesday - but hey, it is what it is - that's the sacrifice needed for work quality brew. Pic via Hypebeast.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Nike - CB34

I for one did not know that the CB34's had been re-released, did you? Good news - they are available online at Footaction now. I remember the classic Black/Purple colorway from the 90's, but these top the original's, in this humple man's opinion. I think these fall in line with the Air Max 95's - too bulky to really wear with jeans or to use for perforance wear (i.e. I'm not ballin' in these, and I'm not going for run's in the AM95's) - but look great with a pair of shorts. These are a little more expensive than when the originally dropped, but that's life.

Rick Ross | Rich Forever (Street Album)

Download Mixtape | Free Mixtapes Powered by DatPiff.com

If you care to read my thoughts hit the jump!

Friday, January 06, 2012

Nicolas Le Borgne

I haven't heard much from this French artist, but apparently he has been in the scene for a bit. I for one was drawn to this Mario piece (click the picture to expand) - so many different things to focus your attention on, but I really like the juxtaposition between the image and the geometric background and the vivid use of colors. Check out a couple more pieces over at Fecal Face.

Domo Genesis | Stray Bullets

Domo comes through with this track over 2Pac's Temptations. I really like this guy! I'm not really a OFWGKTA fan but I do think a couple of their members have a lot of talent. I've heard a little bit of Earl but I will reserve my judgement until he's back home and releasing new music. Tyler has the best voice and that Goblin track is super fresh. I feel like if Domo and Tyler did more music in this zone they'd be two of the freshest MC's out. Enjoy!

DL: Stray Bullets

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Levi Maestro x Vans

What do you get when you take hard-working ever present LA Native Levi Maestro and give him a collaboration project with VANS? Well, you get a smooth Grey upper on the Vans Old School LM model, with the famed Vans waffle bottom that's InstaGram ready! Purchase this Saturday, January 7th - at LA's UNDFTD Store.

The Dream | ROC

What you thought we only posted rap music? haaa jk if you know anything about me you know I dig R&B just as much as rap especially any music from The-Dream aka Terius Nash! This guy has been writing music for everyone not including making some of the biggest hits. Some of the biggest tracks to grace the radio waves were written by him - including Baby by Justin Bieber and Umbrella by Rihanna which garnered 15 Million, yes 15 Mill... Anyways this track is super catchy and sexy and is slated to be on his upcoming album The Love IV: Diary of a Madman


Wednesday, January 04, 2012

In Icons - Steve Jobs Collectable Figure

"The ones crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do" - Steve Jobs

These InIcons Steve Jobs figures are some of the most detailed, well thought-out vinyl I've seen in a while. Paying tribute the tech God, these figures of course feature Steve's legendary black turtleneck, mom jeans, and grey New Balances. Sure to sell out and have rediculous re-sale value, purchase now if interested.

Tyga | Faded ft. Lil Wayne

Yessir! Not sure if people are still hating on this guy but if you are you should reconsider. Think of where he started.... okay now that you've done that think about this, most artist need to find a niche or a lane to go in to lock in a fan base and he has definitely done that with his sound.

The whole bass heavy stripper sound works its what people are excited for and in a label like YMCMB he is starting to make his name mean something. For example, Cory Gunz, Bow Wow, Lil Twist.... all artist under YMCMB who are in the same lane as Tyga but his music has moved him ahead of that pack. So lookout for Careless World dropping 1/24.

DL: Faded

Nike Cool Grey Huarache Free 2012's

All I can say is these "Cool Grey" x Sky Blue x White Huarache Free 2012's are CLEAN. My goodness! More pictures over at Nice Kicks.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A$AP Rocky | Pretty Flacko

Its that pretty mutha.... production on this one by Spaceghostpurp (left) this will be on a upcoming A$AP gang project this kid has a lot of potential excited to see what else he has up his sleeve. Enjoy!

DL: Pretty Flacko

Monday, January 02, 2012

Schoolboy Q | Blessed ft. Kendrick Lamar

Happy New Year folks! It was only right I start the year off with a local! This is an amazing track I haven't followed Schoolboy the way I should have but if this is a sign of things to come then stay tuned, OSTT will have you covered. Enjoy!

Update: I forgot to mention Kendrick.... did he murder this or what? As you were...

DL: Blessed

Sunday, January 01, 2012

2011 - The Year in Music

First things first - hope you and yours had a good (and safe) New Years Eve! 2011 all came and went so quick - but man, what a great year in music! The boys and I have been having an ongoing discussion on what our top cd's of the year have been - and hey, why not share them! If you search the archives - you'll see links to most (if not all) of the mixtapes mentioned - but for the retail releases - how about you go ahead and support the record labels artists and buy them! As far as the list goes - there wasn't much structure - as you'll see, just another OSTT email thread. For our lists/thoughts - hit the jump.