Saturday, November 05, 2011

Chino's (S-Double and Toddland)

As a kid up through high school, I never thought I would wear a pair of jeans by choice. Maybe it’s because I grew up in the South Bay of Sunny California, but regardless of the weather, shorts were the only option for me. Around sometime in college, I embraced jeans – but this was mainly to have something suitable to wear ‘out’. After college – I became obsessed with denim. Nothing beats breaking in a pair of Raw Selvage denim and truly making them your own, and once I got my first pair of good denim, I was all about it. 

This year, I’ve branched out a bit with a couple of different types of pants – and been a fan of both. In early 2011, I bought a pair of S-Double utility chino’s. Similar to Raw denim, this unwashed product came in stiff – and breaking them in over the next 5 years is going to be a nice adventure. Last weekend, I stumbled on a pair of grey chino’s from Toddland. Two quick things to consider – 1, I never paid Toddland any mind as a brand, and that is 100% due to those corny wallets they make (sorry – no pass on those), and 2, I absolutely could not sleep/hate on these pants once I stumbled on them. The tags say “the most comfortable pants you’ll ever wear” – and truer words have never been spoken. Soft as butter, excellent cut (slender and fitted) – I was amazed, and had to have them. 

Anyway, the S-Double and the Toddland pants are on opposite side of the chino spectrum – the S-Doubles are of the upmost quality and are probably going to be just as if not more comfortable than the Toddland’s once broken in, and the Toddland’s are perfect as is. I guess the point of the post is to never limit your possibilities – fashion is fun, expand your horizons, try something new and experiment, and don’t limit yourself to a specific look.