Friday, June 24, 2011

Favorite Pastime

Before being re-energized with last weeks post on FreedMinds, I had almost forgot how much I liked doing posts on new and emerging brands. Today's feature is on a new brand called "Favorite Pastime", a San Diego based brand with goods made entirely in Southern California. I posted a nice preview video showcasing their Spring/Summer after the jump - but picture a toned-down Warriors of Radness - Quality, beachwear inspired goods, with a little less focus on the bright colors and graphic images. If they keep this up, "Favorite Pastime" will quickly become one of my favorite brands.

Now I just need to hit the road down south to one of my favorite shops outside of the LA area, UNIV, and see what they still have in stock.

Favorite Pastime Ships Sailed S.S.11 from FAVORITE PASTIME on Vimeo.