Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Smooth Operator

I was on 7 hr flight today from Miami back to Cali (without internet – c’mon SouthWest!) – so basically had a lot of time to go through my computer and clean up the desktop, organize folders, fix my Outlook, etc. Long story short – I stumbled on this pic of an old UndrCrwn shirt that I never posted. UndrCrwn always does an EXCELLENT job of seamlessly combining hip-hop culture references with sports, and this short is no different (yes – I know that Sade goes WAY beyond hip-hop culture, but you know what I mean). Speaking of UndrCrwn and sports/hip-hop, UndrCrwn recently featured Zambezi Marketing’s latest ad, “The History of Bling” – featuring the music of Pac Div, and a collection of your favorite NBA superstars. Did I mention that OSTT’s own J-Hop helped out on the video shoot in New York? Been wanting to give him (public) props on that - check the video out after the jump.