Wednesday, November 02, 2011

A$AP Rocky | LiveLoveA$AP (Mixtape)

Here is the super anticipated A$AP Rocky tape not bad has to grow on me a little. What I did think was interesting was the brands he mentions in his music which Complex put together a nice little writeup on check it out here.

Silk's 2 Cents - I'm a fan of ASAP Rocky, and I'm interested to see what the ASAP click does with the $3 million dollar deal they just signed. When the video for Purple Swag first dropped in July- I was intrigued. The song had the southern twang, the video had a west coast vibe (braids, 40's, porches), but the swag was Harlem. He's definitely heavily influenced by the Screwed movement, but adds his own twist. We'll see if he has what it takes to stick around - or if he's going to be another flash in the pan of rappers expected to take the reign for NY.