Thursday, November 10, 2011

R. Kelly | Shut Up

Yeah buddy! First of all so happy to hear that everything went well on his throat surgery. I think the R&B game as a whole has been missing this guy tremendously. I love what Trey has been doing and I respect his grind but R. Kelly creatively is one of the best. He can literally make a sex song song only talking about planets or a sex song from the jungle perspective, yeah I know you remember those. Or if you really want to take it back to the Trapped in the Closet series! My point is despite all the negative issues he had to deal with in the past there is no mistake about it that R. Kelly is a pioneer and I'm super excited that he's making a comeback. Lastly with how everything has been going on social media and with today's younger generation not fully understanding what real music is like (not all but most). I feel like this song was right on time. So shut up and listen! I mean that in a nice way. =)
No no offense to the other artist but come on dog now lets be honest how many babies been made off me O.M.G. - R. Kelly
DL: Shut Up