Friday, November 18, 2011

Terry Richardson x Camille Rowe x Happy Socks

I remember when I wanted to keep Happy Socks my own little secret - and didn't want to share the goods with you fine folks, haha. Over the last few years, Happy Socks has really grown in to a great brand that you can find all over the world - from Mom and Pop boutiques in Solvang to the biggest Department stores around. Anyway - they recently hooked up with Terry Richardson who shot their new lookbook, featuring people ranging from ASAP Rocky and Action Bronsen to Sky Ferrerata - check it here.

Sidenote: I was rocking this pair of Happy Socks at work last week - and was sitting next to the CFO during a company-wide meeting on strategy. He definitely called me out in the middle of the meeting, out of the blue - saying "those are the most hideous socks I have ever seen!!!" I started to respond that they are "swagged out", but switched it at the last second to let him (and the rest of the Company) know that they are stylish. So fair warning - not everyone will understand - wear with caution.