Thursday, September 30, 2010

10Deep - Fall (Delivery 2)

Purchase the goods @ the online 10Deep webstore now!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Keds - Organic Pack

Wait, Keds? Yes Keds. Via The Feed:
Keds is experimenting with sustainable resources with their latest online exclusive, Organic Pack.  The canvas shoe company took two of their classic styles, The Champion Slip-On and the Champion Lace Up, and used 100% organic cotton for the uppers.  The canvas is a nice off-white earth tone, comes with brown contrast stitching, and the famous blue Keds heel tab has been replaced with the eco-friendly green colored tab.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Autumn Accessories Guide

The good folks over at the Madbury Club put together an excellent guide for the must have Fall accessories. Check it out here!

Monday, September 27, 2010

G1988 - 3G Show

3G Show Premiere Video from The Autumn Society on Vimeo.

Footage from Gallery1988'srenowned 3G show's opening. Just providing the visuals to remind you all that you absolutely must attend a Gallery 1988 show if you are in LA or San Fran (Word on the street is they are in the midst of opening a new gallery in Venice Beach). Art lives!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pro Keds 69er Low x HUF

Diggin' the black on black, Patent Leather look. Available now at Pick Your Shoes!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Nike Lunar Wood+ “Velvet Brown”

Again, really feeling the earth tone/bright accent combo. These remind me a lot of Nike's ACG line in the early 90's. Look for these at select Nike retailers soon!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Undrcrwn - Smooth Operator T

Classy. Undrcrwn pays tribute to a Legend. Info here.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Wale - The Work

Here is the video for Wale's hit, "The Work", off his latest mixtape, "More About Nothing".

Man, that whole Cudi and Wale side story escalated quickly, didn't?

After rumblings the last year about the two not getting along,in addition to their Twitter "conversation", Wale addressed his side of the story on our previously featured track, Number Won.

Cudi WENT IN during his recent Complex feature:

Complex: …When you hit that fan at your show last December, Wale came out with a line about it ["Throwin' 'round wallets like the dude that Kid Cudi hit," from "Thank You Freestyle"].

Kid Cudi: It wasn’t a shot, it’s just a simple-ass rhyme by a simple-ass rapper. You can’t let that shit faze you. That’s one of those raps that just shows the world that you wack. Why would you even use that as a metaphor? Everybody think they Hov. Niggas ain’t got the magic like they think they do; there’s only a couple of wizards in this game. I’m a wizard and I know it....

Then people like Wale get mad that ‘Ye ain’t give him no beats—’Ye ain’t give you no beats because we ain’t fucking with your raps. It’s not a conspiracy theory. We don’t fuck with you musically, so we’re not going to provide music for you. The shit is a service, it’s a quality of a certain standard. Niggas are just so thirsty it’s ridiculous. I’ve been eating humble pie forever, and people still call me an asshole. These people don’t know my fucking life—now I’m going to give them something to talk about.

This is like Big vs Pac for the hipster community, lol. Keep it safe guys, lol.

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Gift and the Curse

The Hundreds Part 2 is out now and their Online Shop. It feels like Deja-vu, but me and Aaron were just talking the other day how we feel that TH is fallen off a bit, and too many of their shirts are too playful/cartoonish in nature. Part of me is yellin', I'm a grown man! I don't need a shirt with cartoon graphics on it! The other part of me is drawn in by by the clever references to California culture and/or mychildhood, that results in at least one of these shirts (featuring the kiddy/cartoony graphics I just complained about) getting added to my closet per season. The Gift and the Curse.

Favorite The Hundreds references used (in no particular order):
Homage to the Classic 80's T&C shirts by Steve Nazar
Karate Kid/Cobra Kai shirt.
California Raisins T.
Who Framed Roger Rabit inspired shirt.
Wierd Science/Lisa T
Ode to the Simpsons T

The Otter Pops shirt shown above is going to be at the top of the list due to my lifelong infatuation with the ice pops. The only shirt I can see topping this would be a nice design based on The Warriors, or Bret the Hitman Hart, haha.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Takashi Murakami Exhibit - Château de Versailles

TAKASHI MURAKAMI// Exposition Versailles from OFIVE.TV on Vimeo.

A lot of art purists still try to write off Takashi Murakami and his Superflat Movement as a low-brow, classless trend. Château de Versailles disagrees. The juxtaposition of Murakami's art and the classic background is simply put, AMAZING. Check the video above if you can't cop a flight and check it out live and in person!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Award Tour - Shirts For Friends & Family.

If you are a follower of the blog - you know that one brand I constantly show love to is The Award Tour. Always featuring hand drawn designs that are simple, clever, and executed, they have grown to not only be a favorite of mine, but to have developed a cult-like following online in forums. Loch has blessed us with a preview of the latest season collection group of shirts. Via Loch:

This isn’t a release, it’s not a collection. I haven’t amassed together loads of cotton enough to deem calling this a season of any sort either. Simply put, these are shirts for friends and family. The brand started as shirts for friends, and that’s what it will continue to be. This release is for those who have been supporting the brand for years now and who didn’t want to see it laid down to rest. So for all of the readers who have been pestering, emailing, and questioning through comments, these shirts are for you blokes. I sincerely hope you enjoy them. And remember, it’s not that serious. They’re just t-shirts.

These shirts are nice, and I for one am glad that this young brand is continuing to grow and develop.

Vintage (Denim vs T's)

OK - so yesterday's post seemed to irk a lot of people. I don't know if it was because the shirt can be purchased from Urban Outfitters, or if it was that people were actually hatin' on the pre-distressed shirt, but regardless, here we go.

The main comment I got was "How can you be such a gun-ho supporter of American made, selvage, raw-denim, but then showcase a faux-vintage shirt on the blog". Ok, fair question. In my opinion, we're talking apples and oranges. With respect to shirts...yeah, we've all had a shirt that we've had since we were kids, and have watched it transform from starch-pressed cotton to butter soft, and slowly get thinner and thinner from each cycle through the washing machine. The key difference is while the feel and look of the fabric may change, the fit itself doesn't (save your initial run through the drying machine).

Raw denim is a beast of its own. Purchased in its rarest and most natural state, it not only gains natural fades, wear, and tear through everyday use, but it actually molds and contours to fit your specific body. In sneakerhead talk, after a few months - every pair of jeans is a true "1 of 1". I think the need to go raw is pretty self-explanatory - earn your keeps! Wear your jeans like Levi Strauss intended - and you'll get the amazing wash that the huge corporations pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in R&D to replicate for free - and in a more personal manner.

The push for Selvage and American made denim is more about quality. The term selvage (or "self-edge") refers to the reinforced stitching present from denim being manufactured on the old-style shuttle looms. Selvage is desirable because the edge cannot fray like denim made on a projectile loom that has separate wefts which leave an open edge that must be stitched. This advantage is only realized on one edge of the fabric, however, as the fabric has to be cut to shape and anywhere it is cut the self edge is lost. Selvage is matter of quality - unless one cuffs their jeans, you would not be able to tell if their jeans were selvage or non-selvage, especially with brands trying to pull one over on the consumer now a days.

Lastly - I do show a lot of love to the brands that are still producing American made denim the old fashioned way. This is not some last ditch effort at patriotism, but again, boils down to the quality factor. When high quality denim started becoming the rage again in the early 2000's - all of those in the know were looking at Japanese Denim (Evisu, Samurai, Edwin, Sugarcane, etc) for quality. Why is that, you ask? Because in the 1980's, when casual Friday's at denim were all the rage in the US, American companies began sacrificing quality for quantity by pushing for efficiency and cost cutting technicques, while the Japanese companies, with their appreciation for Americana culture, began purchasing all of the vintage shuttle looms and hand producing denim the old-fashioned way - with an emphasis on quality first. In the 2000's, while the mainstream was overpaying for denim with fancy stitching/designs on the back pocket (*cough* 7forMankind, True Religion, Hudson), a select few brands (Roy Denim, Tellason, 3Sixteen, Baldwin, Matix, etc) began going back to the roots and hand-making denim, out of 100% American grown cotton (what up Cone Mills!) on the vintage shuttle looms. The result has been a quality pair of jeans with a great fit, made with top-notch materials and built to last!


Ok, sort of went off on a tangent there, but here are a couple good resources for you first timers interested in jumping in to the world of raw (also referred to as 'dry') denim:
+ Oki Noki's Denim Care Guide - A+ guide on care
+ Denim Debate - on going experiment featuring various contributors who each wear 1 page of denim exclusively, day after day, rain or shine. Shows the maturation process of jeans. Just remember, all of the jeans you see there started looking something like this.

With the right amount of wear and tear, you can take your jeans from completely raw and unfinished (NEW pair of Momotaro classics, to a broken in pair that is not only your own, but is worthy of hanging on a wall and displaying as art (Momotaro's after 9 months of daily, exclusive wear).

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Madonna - Scrabble T

So I know the whole "vintage-inspired" look is a bit played - but its about rocking designs/styles you like, not chasing trends. Neon lettering/Madonna image, offset by a faux-vintage fade = money. Purchase here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nike Lunar Elite Trail Mid Plus

These shoes are ridiculously-ridiculous. Something about the mix between the rugged hiking silloutte with the black piping and olive base, offset with the bright royal blue and neon pink accents on the tongue, swoosh, and laces, make this shoe a winner. Thanks for the heads up, British Tyrant.

Monday, September 13, 2010

14 Years Later

RIP Pac...

The Rose That Grew From Concrete
Did you hear about the rose that grew from a crack in the concrete?
Proving nature's law is wrong it learned to walk with out having feet.
Funny it seems, but by keeping it's dreams, it learned to breathe fresh air.
Long live the rose that grew from concrete, when no one else ever cared.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Warriors of Radness - Fall 2010 Line up

Warriors of Radness is back with thier newest line-up to keep you laced through Fall. Lot of dope shirts and shorts again, as well as various pants (Bag Pant, Muscle Pant, and a Bully Muscle Pant). Now, one of the reasons I am so fond of WOR is their vintage inspired surf style, but I need to be honest here - some of the sweatshirts are a tad bit out their this season. I can sort of understand trying to bring back the baggy/non-fitted sweatshirt look - that was a classic late 80's vibe that was big at the time. But the (appropriately named) Asylum shirt is just out there - it literally looks like a straight jacket. To each their own though!

I respect brands that step out and try different things from season to season - no one wants to see the same styles season after season (I'm fighting temptation to take shots at a couple 'big' brands right now). Check out the complete line up for Fall, in addition to some items from Spring/Summer on sale, Available now at the Reserve online and select retailers.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Joel Ortiz - Farewell Summer

I've been layin low on posting music since a lot of fall/winter stuff is getting released around now, and besides, that, my man J-Hop pretty much has is it on lock. BUUUUTTTT... I need to make sure you get out there and support 1/4th of the Slaugtherhouse, Joel Ortiz, and his latest effort - Farewell Summer - a 6-track EP up for free dl. Check his flow on track 5 ("So Wrong" with Talib Kweli, Jean Grae, and Brother Ali - Yaaaooooowa!).

Download @ Nah Right!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Stussy Deluxe - Harris Jeans (Raw, Selvedge)

Available now in Dark Denim, Royal Denim, and Black Denim, all unwashed. Purchase now at @

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Sushi Pop Art - Kenny Yamada

"Japanese cuisine is diverse with many faucets of flavors and styles. Sushi in the eyes of Master Chef Kenny Yamada is more than mere fish on top of rounded rice but tools that can be transformed into a work of art. He believes that food must not only be delicious but visually appetizing."

Already shut down for the year, but, next year Mike is going to be sure we get an ample heads up ;)

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Dive - Michael Jackson Vinyl Figure

These are HOT. Drastically overpriced, but hot. Catch one on eBay for a half-way decent price if you are lucky.

ESPN’s 30 For 30 – One Night In Vegas: When Tupac Met Iron Mike

ESPN's latest in its 30 for 30 documentary series, once again trancending genres. We can only imagine what type of stuff 'Pac would be on in in 2010 - dude was so far ahead of his time. Troubled genius, but genius nonetheless.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

End of an Era - the 13 best Allen Iverson Shoes

Wow - just learned from our friends over at Nice Kicks that Reebok has discontinued its famed "Answer" signature shoe line for Mr. Allen Iverson. Taking a step back and thinking about it, I guess its fitting since his career as a basketball player is essentially over, but the kid did have some classic kicks. The Question 1 and Answer IV were two of my personal favorites. I think more than anything, I'm going to miss the commercials though. The tracks recorded with Jadakiss for the Answer 5 and the Answer 6 with AI throwing a couple of bars out himself were legendary, and could have gotten radio play.

Anyway, check out NK's countdown here.

Friday, September 03, 2010

Award Tour - Peace of 1990 Pocket T

I don't know why I bother writing my own synopsis, when Loch over at The Award Tour does such a good job:

The peace sign is a near universally accepted symbol. Originally designed in the 1960’s for the purpose of nuclear disarmament, the circle intersected by three lines finds its way onto the pocket of one of this season’s Award Tour shirts. Out of respect for the counter culture icons and hippies who came before us, this design is hand drawn as always. The butter soft heather t-shirts come in three colors and are accented on each sleeve with individual hits. These are the softest shirts I’ve printed on in ages and the minimal design with special detailing make it the sort of shirt you can throw on without a second thought as you move for the door.

This is a definitely considered a "must purchase" from one of my favorite brands out...stay tuned for the latest from Award Tour.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Chocolate ‘Zippy Planks’ Series Decks

Never been huge in to skateboarding - but always loved the designs/artwork on the bottom of the board. I respected the fact that the skateboard company's and their sponsored skaters go hard when it comes to designing their signature model. Chocolate's latest is showing love to the infamous OTTER POPS, so you know that deserves some shine! Via The Feed.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

10 Deep - Fall 2010 Lookbook

For this season's lookbook, 10Deep decided to let the clothes do the talking - no fancy photography, famous models, or exotic locations. Just friends and family. Check out the entire work over at 10deep.