Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Reebok Blast

Reebok is really trying hard to not get lost in the shuffle when it comes to basketball related kicks. Nike and the Jordan brand have held down the front strong in the new Millenium, and it's cool to see Under Armour really promoting an exciting campaign around future all-star Brandon Jennings (more on this later)- but we haven't heard much from Reebok on the basketball tip (Sorry - John Wall and those damn Zigs get no love here). That being said, bringing back the one and only Nick Van Exel's Reebok Blast's from 95 though, with updated Hexalite features and other performance related changes, is a great start. Reebok's back? More info after the jump. 

The Legend:

Meek Mill rocking the Blasts: 

Reebok back?