Monday, November 14, 2011

Mike Posner | Rocket Man (Ft. Bun B)

He's back! I think I can speak for me and my blog partner Prince and say that this guy is a OSTT favorite. I remember when I got put on to his music I can probably safely say that's when I really started listening to music differently he's not rap, he's not really R&B he just creates good music. This one is a cover of probably one of the most famous Elton John songs with the same title and features the legend Bun B. Word on the net is that he's hitting us with a new mixtape on 11/20 titled the Layover so be on the lookout I'll be sure to post it so check back. Also if you listen to the track he's working on his sophmore album with Pharell! Oh snaps now that's tight.... Sorry I had too. Anyways I know that's going to be great even though he really doesn't need Pharell but having Skateboard P doesn't hurt. Just in case you didn't know he produces all his own stuff including this song. Enjoy!

DL: Rocket Man ft Bun B.