Friday, April 30, 2010

GONZ! for U.O.

So Urban Outfitters linked up with Rick Klotz and the rest of the folks who run Warriors of Radness for a special capsule piece titled GONZ! at Urban Outfitters.

“Inspired by ’60s beach films and ’80s surf style, the 11-piece line is fittingly modeled by Indian Burn, a three-man band from Newport Beach with songs about space, outlaws, and parties. Embodying a lifestyle of California fun, looks from the collection include classic beach items like tanks, graphic tees, and hoodies as well as casual daywear pieces like a crewneck pullover and seersucker shorts—all priced between $28 and $58.”

Man, I still remember shopping at the The Reserve off Fairfax in the Summer of 08 when Warriors of Radness and GONZ! (at the time, a full fledged label) first dropped. My boy Drew and I loved the simple designs,quality feel of the garmets, and throwback vibes/colorways. At the time, GONZ! was the high-end sub-division, with some of their shirts in the $50 range. Looks like Warriors was the soul-survivor, until this recent spin-off. Either way, I continue to like what the crew is building out there.... (and regarding the Urban Outfitters drop - hey, it is what it is. Times are tough - and you have to make the bottom line one way or another. At least they aren't watering down their core-brands by dropping mass produced WOR or Freshjive products).

Info via HS.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


For my grown folk that still like a stylish set up in the crib, these lamptop's are pretty sleek.
The Lamptop is a lamp that simulates a laptop computer. It has built-in RAM and a monitor that can be used as a digital picture frame. The power button turns the lamp on, and "Ctrl+Alt+Del" turs the lamp off...

Via FM.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shake! Time for a music post...

Nice vid. The Game he put his trademark scowl (you know you love it away for a minute and smiled some duing his shots at G-Unit (comedy) in that last verse.

GREAT month for music so far, huh?

New MGMT CD Congratulations
New Kurupt CD Street Lights
New B.O.B. CD The Adventures of Bobby Ray
New Devin the Dude CD Suite 420
New Game mixtape The Red Room
New Theophilus London Mixtape (Thanks Jer)

Remember - download mixtapes, but PURCHASE cd's. This represents these artists livlihood - and if they are giving you their best like this, the least you can do is swoop through and drop the $7.99!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nike Presto's - Menthols

Smooth! Nike's most comfortable shoe, the Presto, gets the cool minty blue summer makeover in the form of these newly realized shoes. Should be hitting select domestic retailers shortly....

Monday, April 26, 2010

Kaws x Nigo

Or, Milo x Companion? Regardless, Original Fake and BAPE hook up on this sick collab shirt. You already know it'll be hard to get your greasy hands on, so start lining up now!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Recycled Web Wallet

Rosewebs wallets by April Alden are made from reclaimed lawn chair webbing. This one features blue and pinkish red stripes on a white background. It has four compartments to hold 1-3 plastic credit cards per slot, and a full length pocket for bills. Lawn chair webbing is a very durable material which stretches out a bit with use. 4.5" x 3" (11.43 cm x 7.62 cm) when closed, 9" (22.86 cm) long when open. What a great way to get organized! Purchase here.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Nike Air Pegasus

I'm typically not a fan of black shoes - just never been my cup of tea. That being said, these 89 Pegasus' go HARD. Available overseas now, with many in the US praying for a domestic release. Pic via Complex mag.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Play Cloths x G-shock

Hot Commoditty. Purchase now @ Primative.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Another one of hip-hop's elder statesmen, and a true legend in the game, has lost his battle with cancer. Guru had one of the most recognizable voices in hip hop, and represents another hip heop legend that is gone too soon. I posted the track above because hey, it had mass appeal, but Gura had a WIDE catalog, so dont forget about the gems. Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal.

Check out Mr. Cee's hour long tribute direct from HOT97.

The Hundreds - 4:20 Adam Bomb

Dropped today. If you are interested, go ahead and read Bobby's dissertation on legalizing pot here.

Le Tigre - Le Comeback?

Doubt it, but props to them on capitalizing off of their name! Le Tigre announces their new motto, "“Le Tigre. Golf’s original Tiger. For those who play a round.”" on for these 100% cotton polo's. Oh, and Le Tigre is donating 100% of net profits on these shirts to a smorgasboard of organizations. More info/Shop.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

MISHKA - D.A.R.T. 2010 Spring

Mishka's newest lookbook is up over at Hypebeast. Some clean cut and sew pieces - not just their standard dark/cartoonish graphics we've come to expect. Check it out!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Scott Cambell - Preparation for "Amicus Monstrum" on May 1st

As much as I love crusing art galleries and checking out an artists final product, there is also something to be said about seeing a work in progress. Being able to get a glimpse in to an artists mind at work, surrounded by inspiration. Sometimes, the journey is just as fresh and exciting as the destination. Jeff Cambell's show, "Amicus Monstrum", upons up at Gallery1988 in SF on May 1st.

Previous: Return to the Design Dungeon.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Hundreds x Coachella

If you are going to Coachella this weekend, you might as well come up on this exclusive The Hundreds shirt, available only at Coachella this weekend. First Hundreds T on an Organic shirt? Make it happen...

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kurupt ft Xzibit - In Gotti We Trust

Kurupt has been killin' it lately. It's like he jumped in a hot-tub machine (sorry- had to do it) back to '95 and decided to start to spit like Kurupt the Kingpin again. Anyway - Streetlights is in stores 4/20, and while you are at the store, don't forget about your boy Devin the Dude.

Puma - Clever Little Bag

Ok - this is a DOPE idea. Kudo's to Puma.

"We have been thinking about shoeboxes: how to fold them, how to ship them and how to reduce them. In the end, we decided to get rid of them altogether because along the way we discovered a new design solution…a “clever little bag”.

Why so clever? By providing structure to a cardboard sheet, the bag uses 65% less cardboard than the standard shoe box, has no laminated printing, no tissue paper, takes up less space and weighs less in shipping, and replaces the plastic retail bag. Now happy Puma customers will take home the clever little one instead. Oh, and that little bag is non-woven which means less work and waste (it is stitched with heat), and after accompanying you in your suitcase wherever you may go, our little friend is even recyclable.

With our “clever little bag”, Puma kicks-off the next pivotal phase of its’ sustainability program. The tens of millions of shoes shipped in our bag will reduce water, energy and diesel consumption on the manufacturing level alone by more than 60% per year. In other words: approximately 8,500 tons less paper consumed, 20 million Megajoules of electricity saved, 1 million liters less fuel oil used and 1 million liters of water conserved. During transport 500,000 liters of diesel is saved and lastly, by replacing traditional shopping bags the difference in weight will save almost 275 tons of plastic."

Propers to BB

Monday, April 12, 2010

Uganda Skateboard Union

"Thanks to Swiss photographer Yann Gross who gave us permission to share this short film (that he Produced) that tells the story of how Jackson Mubiru started the Uganda Skateboard Union. It has blown up over the past few years and has changed the lives of youth throughout Uganda. Watch these kids tear it up and if you can help in anyway their contact information is at the end of the movie."

See part 2 of the vid over at Ferrari Murakami's jumpoff...

Sunday, April 11, 2010


This is a big moment. Tomorrow, Monday, April 12th, marks OG Streetwear vet/legend Shaun Stussy's return to the game. Not even entirely sure what this opening is going to entail, but knowing his illustrious past, I'm sure it will be worth the visit. Stop by theS-Double storefront - and check it out!

Previous posts on the matter here here, and don't forget to check his blog out (link on the left).

Mighty Healthy LA Pop-Up Store

NYC's ownMighty Healthy have a pop-up store (where else) on Fairfax (at the Hall of Fame store). Check it out.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

DPGH - "Waiting for Summer"

The title along describes my life, haha. Nice piece, which will be on display as part of DGPH show at Gallery1988 (sorry LA heads, this is at their SF location). Check out more pieces from the show here, or, if you are in SF, hit it up!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Jerry Heller x UndrCrwn

Jerry Heller stopped by TRADITION and posed for some pic's with UNDRCRWN's recent NWA/Eazy E tribute shirts. Man, seeing Jerry Heller reminded me, I need to ressurrect Silk's Book Club, don't I?

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Fabolous - I'm Raw

Fabolous - "I'M RAW" (OFFICIAL VIDEO) from By Any Means T.V. on Vimeo.

Nice viral video for Fab's latest mixtape - There is no competition Pt 2 - Funeral Service. Get the no DJ version here. For those of you not following, Fab's dropping a six part viral video series in association with the mixtape, all produced by By Any Means (see the video for Body Ya, here. I've always thought Fab was at his best on his mixtapes, but now it looks like the video's he's droppin' are better than his video's paid for by the label as well (save Breathe).

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Exit Through the Gift Shop (Banksy Doc)

Coming to a city near you on April 16th (if your city matters, lol). New full length trailer here.

Nike Air Max 1 - Violet/Mint

These are simply clean. One of the best non-ID colorways I've seen on the sought after AM 1's. Coming to the US soon?

Monday, April 05, 2010

The Hundreds - Rosewood Collection

So all the TH heads know what's up with the Rosewood Collection - shirts exclusive to the LA/SF store only (i.e. you aren't finding these online or at your favorite local boutique).

Highlights include the LA Logo and SF Logo tees, which feature each city’s skyline; Choe Girl and Choe Skull, two collaborations with the talented David Choe, both exclusive to THLA; Rye, a tribute to the late, great J.D. Salinger; and Seals, a tribute to an SF sports team of yesteryear, which is exclusive to THSF.

The shirt above speaks to me. Maybe its my track roots? Or the simple (albeit it, a little clip art-ish) design? Check out some of other shirts here.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Nike Dunk Low CL Black/"Cool Mint"

Black and Cool Mint colorway is CLEAN. Liking these new Dunk's. Keep an eye out for an April release. More pictures over at NiceKicks.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

UNDRWRWN - Spring/Summer 2010

Undrcrwn brings back an oldie (but goodie!)in the NWA/Lakers collab above, City of Champions. They also have quite a few new stand out pieces, including the Look Away t, , also brings out some new heat including the Look Away t, the Triple Double Crew, and the Point God shirt. Up for sale online now.

Black Mamba x California (New Nike KOBE shirt)

On sale April 15th at

Friday, April 02, 2010

XLarge x Carrot - ''War

LA's own streetwear vets "XLARGE" and Carrot (from Serbia?!) collaborate on a new shirt giving us their feeling on, um, WAR, in a not-so-PC kind of way. Purchase yours at DG now.