Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Enemy - Leave No Survivors

I was thinking today – really trying to figure what it is that draws me to t-shirts with cartoon graphics on them. I finally settled on two conclusions, and I’m sure the actual truth is a combination of both theories, mixed in with something else that is eluding me at the moment.
1.       Nostalgic Factor – The graphics bring me back to a simpler time, when all a young Silk had to worry about was what cartoon to watch Saturday morning, and what was going to happen on Wrestling (WWF) Sunday morning.
2.       The Holy Grail – I by no means had a ‘rough’ childhood – I came up as an only child, living in a household with two parents who both had jobs and who sacrificed a lot in order to have us live in a nice community, helping shape me to be the person I am today. That being said – we weren’t nearly as well off as a lot of the families/kids I grew up around. Between that, and the fact that there was no way my parents were going to be involved with a raising a spoiled brat – led me to hear the answer “No” whenever my question began with a “I want a...” or “Can I please have a...” when it related to frivolous goods (toys, clothes, etc). Fast forward a couple of decades, and we have a young man that has graduated college and held excellent jobs the last 5 years – and finds himself drawn to items that reference those same goods that he wasn’t able to get when he was too young to buy them for himself.

Anyway, that was quite the tangent. Just had to do a little soul-searching for a sec, ha. Today’s shirt is from Another Enemy, and features none other than Yosemite Sam with a simple message - Leave No Survivors.