Wednesday, February 29, 2012

#de_VICE - Our Mobile Addiction

CNN has a great photo essay and accompanying article on the work of photographer Zach Arias #de_VICE series of photo's. I'll save my social commentary for another day - and instead take a step back and focus on the stories inherent in each photograph - that does enough for me. Check out the series here.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Cliff Belts

I'm in the market for a new belt - and I've been having a bit of trouble making a decision. Pictured above is another example from Cliff Belts (previously featured the PeaceBOMB model) - which is interestingly enough made from cork. I wasn't too sure how that would work out, but as you can imagine, Cliff has received this level of uncertainty about buying a cork belt before. To help  ease the apprehension of buying a product made of cork - Cliff offered the following information:

Cork is environmentally preferable to leather as it comes from a lower carbon impact source (tree bark) and does not use animal products in its manufacture (a vegan product). The environmental concerns associated with leather include the energy and carbon intensity of generating animal products and the chemicals used in the leather tanning process that can be damaging to human health and the environment. Cork is a naturally beautiful and greener alternative to leather.
To make CLIFF belts, layers of cork are laminated to fabric, creating a durable, lightweight and supple material. Each belt is handmade and individually crafted.How does it wear? Our cork wears beautifully over time, distressing much like leather but without the weight - it can even be machine washed at 30˚C. Due to the unique nature of the material, our belts fit very comfortably and cast a thinner silhouette than most leather belts.

If that was enough to do the trick for you - you can purchase one of their cork belts here.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Huf - Chambray Work Shirt [Wine]

HUF continues to drop quality basics with their current Spring/Summer 2012 line-up. How can you go wrong with a simple Chambray shirt? Dress it up with a nice pair of jeans - dress it down by wearing it unbuttoned over a t-shirt. Classy. Purchase here.

Pharrell Williams x New York Times

Speaking of fashion icons - at the top of my (modern) list is none other than Pharrell Williams (of N.E.R.D / BBC / Ice Cream / CRS / The Neptunes - and so on and so forth). This whole post probably requires a massive "Pause - No Homo" - but Pharrel exudes a classic cool that is rarely captured in this day and age - whether dressed up or dressed down - he has mastered the effortless look that others spend a lifetime trying to create. Anyways - the New York Times did an excellent feature on Mr. Williams last week - capturing his style throughout one of his typical busy weeks. Check it out here.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Glo Nightlight's

Ok - so I know everyone isn't the big fan of Pinterest, but hey - every now and then, wifey shows me something that is actually pretty cool - and consider this one of them. A nightlight with removable parts? Pretty sweet. Check the specs below, and purchase here.

A multi-colored interactive night light that comes with removable glow balls. The Glo Nightlight’s balls will glow for 30 minutes, fading out while changing its color, but if you place the balls back to its place, they will start glowing again. The base is designed to charge the balls and the balls won’t get warm or break. The dimension of Glo Nightlight is 8.2 x 8.5 x 9.8-inch, made of BPA-free, Phthalate-free, PVC-free, you will also find the included 9v power adapter and the low energy LED base. More info here

Saturday, February 25, 2012

eBay Find: 1989 NBA All Stars - Caricature Shirt

It's NBA All-Star Weekend! Our boy J-Hop is going to have more on that soon - but in the mean time, you can find some CLASSIC NBA shirts on eBay right now. I know I haven't done one of these posts in awhile - mainly because my will power is embarrassing at best (a search for a blog entry quickly turns me in to my winning bids on a lot of items I probably don't need).

Anyway, bid on the shirt pictured above, featuring Magic, MJ, The round mound of rebound, the Mailman, and many more, here. More classic NBA shirts available (and links to their bids)  after the jump.

T&F Slack Shoes

"Nike iD's - but for a grown working man" - not a bad description from Drew, always a man of many words. T&F allows you to choose from over 40 leather/welt styles and 12 color combinations to create a dress shoe certain to impress. I'm sure you curious how the process works - so check that out after the jump, and check out more from T&F here.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Nike Sportswear - Lunar Safari

Safari print with Lunarflow technology? Yes please. This is part of Nike's focus on utilizing recycled materials and reducing its carbon footprint (no pun intended) - as the shoe's upper is actually made of old Nike airbags. #Dope. Set to release July 1st. Be on the lookout!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

HUF x STUSSY Classic Icon Tee

I have not idea what brought this about, but two of my favorites, HUF and STUSSY decided to re-release their collaboration project from a couple years back. Fans of Streetwear culture now how rare it is to see limited product re-released, especially from two heavy-weights like this. If you lost out on the first pass, don't sleep again. RIP to the HUF LA store. Purchase here.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Supreme 5 Panel Hats

I don't know about you - but one of my favorite pieces to look for from each Supreme collection is their collection of 5-panel/Camp hats - and this season is no different. Never one to shy away from various materials, colors, and patterns, always offset with the classic box-logo, the season features an astonishing 20+ hats in the collection. Check out the full range of 5-panel caps from Spring/Summer 2012 here.

J. Cole | Grew Up Fast

There's no doubt this has to be one of the best verses that have dropped in a while aside from Kendrick's last couple of songs, to be honest I don't know of an artist rapping harder then Cole & Kendrick. Not to throw shade on any of the other artist but here is why I say that - His punchlines are clear, he keeps it real and he always speaks on what most of us think. Also I saw this guy live and he rapped so hard that he lost his verse after the second song and still killed the show. Listen closely and stay tuned, I think Grown Simba has a lot in store for 2012. Enjoy!

DL: Grew Up Fast

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Nike Flyknit

When I initially stumbled on the new Nike Flyknit Technology, I wasn't overtly impressed, mainly because all I saw was a picture. First thought was eh, these look cool from a fashion perspective, but why weigh down a performance runner, thus limiting its inherent function - for the sake of looks? Then I read up on the shoes, I learned that the shoe is produced of a fully seamless knit structure weighting in at a featherweight 5.6 ounces!!!! For you non-runners out there, HB helps put that in perspective by noting that the Flyknit is 19% lighter than the Nike Zoom Streak 3, the shoe won by Bronze, Silver, and Gold medal winners of the 2011 Men's Marathan Championships. Pretty amazing. Check out the write up and promo video here. Picture above via Madbury's Instagram.

Juicy J | Cup (Feat. Wiz Khalifa & Chevy Woods)

Wiz and gang have been putting in work lately. I love this beat a lot play this bad boy loud and get crunk. TGOD project coming soon. Enjoy!

DL: Cup

Odd Future | Rella (Feat Hodgy Beats, Domo Genesis & Tyler The Creator) Video

So I may sound contradicting but this video entertained me and made me laugh a couple of times. 2 of my favorite 3 member are featured on here and I don't mind the beat. Look forward to hearing what the mixtape will sound like its due out late March. Like I said the talent is there just don't know how long the west coast D12 slap your b*tch up movement will last. Enjoy the visuals.

Update: After watching this a couple more times this song is actually really dope. Watch closely you'll see things you missed the first time around. Clever video actually haha.

Fullspot O'clock - Summer 2012

Fullspot is back with their simplistic O'clock, in a new wide range of colors. Check out more to chose from over at Hypebeast.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Supreme - Spring/Summer 2012

Finally. Supreme - Spring/Summer 2012. 'Nuff said.

Kid Cudi | Dose of Dopeness (Prod. Dot Da Genius)

So some of you may have heard a snippet of this a long time ago or should I say a live performance. Well 4 years later here is the final version that Dot decided to release for free a week before the new WZRD album is set to hit shelves. This is so DOPE (pun intended). Enjoy!

DL: Dose of Dopeness

Crooked I | Monsters In My Head (Feat Slaughterhouse)

Happy Monday! I have a few gems in my pistol but wanted to start the week off right. This will live on a new mixtape from Crooked called Psalm 82:6 which will drop on March 8th. This features all the members of Slaughterhouse and it's super dirty. If you want to catch this group on tour check the tour dates here. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tyler Surfboards

I was pretty stoked when I got back from my morning run this AM only to find an article on El Segundo local Tyler Hatzikian (pictured above) of Tyler Surfboards on the front page of the newspaper. Check out the article in its entirety, here, which gives insight to how he got his start into shaping boards, where he draws his inspiration, and some of his general business insight. Also, check out a nice little video/interview he did with the Newspaper after the jump!

The Hundreds x G-Shock (GW-5610)

Fresh off showcasing the Kenai T earlier, check out THLA's latest collaboration with industry mainstay G-Shock. Can't go wrong with Black and White when it comes to watches. Check after the jump their  promo video shoot, Food Fight.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Coachella 2012 Series - Part I

This year, my buddies and I decided to embark on a trip to the Hipster musical Mecca that is Coachella. My boy Mike from over at Past The Bar  is going to be documenting the process from start to finish - from buying tickets to a concert a year out and having no idea who is performing, to having a fantasy draft to guess the artists performing, the announcement of the 2012 acts performing, housing arrangements, and the trip itself. Buckle up - its going to be quite the journey! Part I of the madness covering the epic Fantasy Draft is after the jump - all for your reading enjoyment!

Honey Cocaine | F*ck Yo Feelings Vol. 1 (Mixtape)

So before you guys judge take a preview or if need be download this and listen to it on good speakers (recommended). I now listen to things with the thought in mind when I would need to listen to it and this is a good mixtape for say a dance party or if your chillin or pre-gaming with your people before a big party. I'm telling you these beats bang and she's really not that bad for a female rap artist. She has the same style as Tyga and with Nicki confused on what lane she wants to be in this is my go to. 2012 has def been the year so far for females. I look forward to seeing who brings the heat next! Enjoy!

The Hundreds - Kenai Tee

Best shirt I've seen from THLA in a bit! Official description below:

The Hundreds Kenai Tee cannot be stopped, look at all those custom stripes!  They really took it to the next level with their newest Spring ’12 line that just dropped earlier this month.  The tee is created with a custom TH yarn-dye on a cotton polyester jersey blend, and features a Solid Bomb logo embroidered onto the left chest pocket.  It’s available in blue, teal and red.  This piece can easily be worn alone or underneath a rad cardigan… mix and match with anything – the Kenai Tee will fit right in.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Cassie x Diamond Supply Co

It looks like the much heralded Limited Edition Cassie and Diamond Supply Co collaboration is set to drop this Saturday, February 18th, at 12pm PT on Diamond Supply Co's website. Make sure and log-on at 12 exactly because you know these are going to sell out in minutes. Heck, even Cassie herself is trying  to get her hands on some.

Kirko Bangz | Progression 2: A Young Texas Playa (Mixtape)

So this is old and I know I slept on it so if you already have it my bad. If not do yourself a favor and atleast skim through the songs and see what I'm talking about. I dig it. This dude is super young and talented plus who is really coming out of Texas right now? You'll get a mix of chopped & screwed with some original pieces and some freestyles over some familiar beats. Well worth the free DL. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Supreme x Kate Moss

It feels like it was just yesterday I was asking about the upcoming Supreme Spring/Summer campaign, and what do we have here? The Supreme street team doing what they do best and spreading the word throughout New York and London. It looks like 2012 box logo shirt is going to feature the always controversial Kate Moss [who was previously featured on Supreme's highly heralded 10th anniversary shirt]. Keep an eye out for more information - coming soon!

10Ille | Candy Jams

If you were one of the many people who downloaded and loved the Cool Kids' Gone Fishing and Tackle Box mixtapes, then you should be pretty familiar with singer 10ille (pronounced Tennille). She appeared on both of those projects along with Sir Michael Rocks' solo mixtape debut, The Rocks Report, and she's worked with buzzing Detroit spitter Boldy James. But in the case of this post, the focus is solely on 10ille through her new Candy Jams. Well, OK, it's also on the absolutely great production from Cool Kid Chuck Inglish, who handles the bulk of the synth-heavy beats on here. If you like your R&B with a touch of fuzz and plenty of low end, you're going to dig this. -via Prefix

I couldn't have said it better so I let them explain. If your looking for a taste of what your getting into check out the track "Love Shot" off this short EP. I couldn't give you a full preview so hopefully that'll give you an idea. Its only like 5 tracks but well worth the DL. Enjoy!

DL: Candy Jams EP

Cobra Snake x Colette x Vans

This collaboration between famed Photographer The Cobra Snake, French taste-makers Colette, and California's beloved Vans, is not one for the subtle crew. The wild print, inspired by, you guessed it, Burger's, is sure to break necks. Check out pictures from the release party here, and more pictures of the shoe itself over at SneakerNews. On a side-note - does ANYONE capture Hipsters in their element (parties) better than The Cobra Snake? I wouldn't bet on it.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Yelawolf + Ed Sheeran | Slumdon Bridge

Most of you know who Yelawolf is, but some of you may not know who Ed Sheeran is... Who am I fooling the only reason I knew who Ed was, was because we just created some custom Beats by Dre headphones for him - Side bar for those that didn't know my side gig is in the sports & lifestyle advertising world. Anyways at one point Ed had the #1 album on iTunes. Check his site out for more info. I actually like his sound it kind of calms Yelawolf's style down and makes the music easier on the ears. I mean I already like Yela but this is a good way to hear him if your not for the bass thumping slum-american sound. Enjoy!

Wale | #MMG is EPIC (Mixtape)

So I'm not sure how this flew under the radar. I need to start following these artist again on Twitter. I took a hiatus so I was out of the loop. I have a lot of music to share with you so be patient and I'll get it to you a day at a time. There was absolutely nothing out then all of a sudden, BOOM! Wale has been on another level since he joined MMG, and this is another indicator that he means business. Please listen to this bad boy that Sugar Hill joint alone is FIRE. Enjoy!

S-Double Shop

This past weekend while up in Santa Barbara, I finally had a chance to check out the S-Double pop-up shop with my buddy D-Russ. Located in the back of Richie's Barbershop in Montecito, the spot is the definition of simple, sleek, modern, and minimalist. After navigating your way through a very high end vintage-looking beauty barber shop, you'll see a door in the back with the iconic S-Double logo. Upon entering, you'll find a cozy boutique with the walls lined with classic black & white surf photo's, in addition to Shawn Stussy's hand-shaped boards (available for sale). The small desk in the back has a sampling of goods for purchase (A couple t-shirts, hoodies, and hats), and that's really it. If you ever find yourself in the Santa Barbara area - I highly recommend a brief stop.

Address and additional pictures after the jump.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nike Air Foamposite

For those of you out there that are extra festive and like to match your gear to the holiday in question (you know - Christmas Sweaters on the 25th, Pastel polo's on Easter, on so on) - you know that Nike typically does a special release to commemorate the holidays. Although this years release doesn't have the obvious valentines day rhetoric on it as some of the past features have - they're Foamposites (classic), and they're red - so these are ready to go year round! More pics over at Nice Kicks.

*Andre 3000 Voice* - Happy Valentines Day.....(Everyday's the 14th!)

Usher | Climax (Prod. Diplo)

So I was going to wait to post this but then I thought it wasn't right to only give you a rap song on Love Day. So here is a special something by Usher produced by Diplo! Diplo is starting to make some noise and look for Usher to come out of his cave. I'm still waiting for someone to top Confessions in the R&B world. Enjoy and happy love day!

Kendrick Lamar | Cartoon & Cereal

Holy %$*&.... Okay let me collect my thoughts.... Okay that didn't work let me just say this quickly became one of my favorite Kendrick songs hands down. Why? 1) Very Outkast-esque 2) Lyrically he kills it 3) I always said once I hear a dope beat coupled with his lyrics I'd become more of a fan. All around this song is tight as ^&*%. I could be over hyping, but am I really? This is what I'm talking about. Can't wait for Coachella. Enjoy!

DL: Cartoon & Cereal

Monday, February 13, 2012

Gucci x The Grammy's [Museum Watch]

Speaking of The Grammy's - check out the watch made for sale at the Grammy Museum in downtown LA by Gucci. More info below, via The Feed:

The watch is designed by Creative Director Frida Giannini, and is distinguished from the regular version through a grey PVD case and a special inscription that reads, “GRAMMY Museum Gucci Limited Edition”.  The timepiece boasts a dual chronograph movement, countdown timer, tachymeter and two useful sports settings in the form of a pedometer and sailing option.

54th Annual Grammy's Recap

So instead of doing a full on recap and due to my brief discussion/debate I had with some co-workers instead of voicing my thoughts or problems with the Grammy's I thought I'd have my good buddy Bob do the talking for me. For those that don't know who Bob is you can read about him here. I found out about this guy through a co-worker who always heard me rant about basically some of the things Bob talks about. This dude however is a lot more knowledgeable for the simple fact that he's been around industry people and actually studies it. Where I speak based on the little things I see and hear and try to make sense of it through a gut feeling. Yeah I said it. But anyways this dude makes really good points and I very seldom disagree. You can subscribe to his letter but be prepared to get a lot of emails. In addition I've added my favorite performances after the jump and the recap of who won. Enjoy!

Nipsey Hu$$le | TMC: X-tra Laps

In case you missed it Nip Hussle released his mixtape TMC "The Marathon Continues" last year, it kind of flew under a lot of peoples radar so if you want to check it out listen here. Any who once you get a chance to let that digest then you can jump back on the X-tra Laps train! Basically Nipsey is going to release 10 new tracks that didn't make the cut. The track above is the one I like the best but it may not be your favorite so you can head over to 2Dopeboyz to check out the other tracks. Unfortunately its not an official mixtape so I couldn't get the whole Datpiff preview. You'll have to check them all out individually. Enjoy!

DL: Sound of My Ceremony

Herschel Supply Co - iPad Sleeves

Hershel Supply Co. continues expanding their product base beyond backpacks and duffle bags with their new collection of iPad and laptop sleeves. Next up - sleeves for Samsung's Galaxy SII Tablets?

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Parra x Stussy for Stussy Guest Artist Series

I'm a un-abashed Parra fan. Whether its work on canvas, the graphics he designs for his own brand, Rockwell, or his collaborations (i.e. Nike, The Hundreds, etc) - I'm a supporter. He has his own unique style that captures me every time. Being a life-long Stussy supporter as well (especially their products that aren't super heavily branded) - you can only imagine how quick I wanted to post this once I saw the message announcing the collaboration in inbox. Did I mention this shirt is made in the USA? Check after the jump for some insight from Parra on his inspriations.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Original Macintosh, iMac, and Gen 1 iPod iPhone Covers

How ill is this!? iPhone 4 cases paying homage to some of the products that paved the way - the original Macintosh home computer (pictured above), the 'colored' iMac's, and the first iPod. These are perfect for the old souls that never really wanted to embrace technology but had to give in to the iPhone or anyone just wants to pay homage to Steve Jobs other feats over the year. Check out Schreer Delights and High Snobiety for more info.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Vans Authentic - Dress Blue

I'm happy to see that one of my favorite trends from last year - the creative use of Chambray, has continued on to 2012. Check out more pics of the Vans Dress Blue over at Complex

Chase-N-Ca$he (Surf Club) | The Heir Up There

So you may have heard of this guy before? Or even on the producing end of things with his latest credits coming from the hit song "Look What You've Done" off Drake's sophomore album Take Care. He's a solid producer and this mixtape so far has been super solid. I got a chance to see him live he wasn't bad but I'm sure if he keeps it up he will sharpen up his stage presence. Right now this tape has the annoying DJ Drama tags but look for some help from Hit-Boy, Rich Kidd, araabMUZIK and more. Enjoy! By the way that Maxwell sample is cold blooded.

Nike Zoom Kobe VII "Shark"

At this point - I think it's safe to say that Kobe Bryant is a fan of wildlife on the more ferocious side of the fence. We've known of his affinity for Snakes for quite some time now  - and one of his investments has shown that he also has a thing for a certain bull shark known for its "unpredictable, often aggressive behavior"(What up, Zambezi!)

Nike and Kobe have connected to give his other animal persona some love with this "Shark" edition of the Zoom Kobe VII so you can attack the rim in the same unpredictable and aggressive manner as the sharks that the shoes color-way got its inspiration from. More pictures here - and check the emblem on the heal ---> Cold! 

Thursday, February 09, 2012

Etiquette Clotheirs

My birthday recently passed - and one of boys got me a pair of socks by Etiquette Clotheirs. Now - if you know me - you know the sock game is impeccable - so coming up on a new pair from a brand that I had never heard of was the business. From the second I put them on - I could feel that Etiquete's focus and emphasis was on the quality of their product. Made of fine Italian cotton, the company spares no cost in ensuring a proper fit - and on top of that - the colorways are legit! Check out their current selection of socks here - and peep their Company motto below.

WTT | Ni**as In Paris (Official Video)

Here is the official video for NIP. Its alright, personally I liked this WTT video better. The kaleidoscope effect is kind of dope, also this was shot at the show in LA which I had the opportunity to check out. Lets just say I gained a new respect for both artist after seeing them live. They played this song 8 times when I went and the energy was UNREAL. You can play this song anytime and get pumped up. Well done Hit-Boy well done.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Alex Pardee - [Karate] Kid N Play

Dope flip! Check out more original paintings you can cop for your boy Alex Pardee here!

Earl Sweatshirt | Home

So this is my boys boy! I couldn't wait to hear some new music from Earl with all this stuff I've been hearing. Apparently there has been some chatter about him being home. So he put out this video requesting for people to get him 50K followers @earlxsweat. With the power of the internet he got it with no problem. I will say this lyrically he's dope wasn't too pumped about this beat so I will still reserve judgment until I get more proof this guy is the real deal. As you know I'm about a good all around song. Enjoy!

Day Today: While You Were Sleeping (Video)

Seeing new music releases have been super slow thought I'd hit you with this bad boy. I love behind the scenes especially studio sessions. Wiz has been doing this Day Today thing for a hot minute and I think it has been one of the reason he's grown such a huge following people always want to see what there favorite artist is doing behind the scenes. Aside from the usual Gin & Weed you can see guest appearances by Tyler of Odd Future, Pharell & TGOD crew. This is actually pretty funny and entertaining. Enjoy!

Update: How different is Wiz' wardrobe now I kind of dig it. If you curious to where his head is fashion wise check out his tumblr.

Also that Pharell chain is fresh. You ever think about how things always come back around? Chains kind of died, but I can see them coming back real soon.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Nike Huarache Free - Black/Turquoise/Magenta

These new Huarache Free's in black with Turquoise and Magenta accents won't fall under the subtle footwear category - but the colorway does page homage to the decade in which the Huarache's were born, so at least there is a connection - unlike with some of these Jordan colorways that keep dropping.

Calez | Kid With Raps (Album)

So what really intrigued me about this artist was the actual album cover. I'd never heard of him (my apologies), but I was like hmm, interesting cover - kind of reminded me of the Weeknd's album art. I listened to a few tracks and thought wow this isn't bad and everyone isn't posting it so I thought it would be perfect for OSTT. Take a listen and tell me what you think. Is it tight or alright?

Monday, February 06, 2012

Gisele Bundgen x Versace

Models do what models do - but in case you were wondering - Gisele shared her thoughts on way the Patriots lost the Super Bowl (Spoiler Alert: She doesn't think its Tom Brady's fault):

"My husband can not f---ing throw the ball and catch the ball at the same time," she said while waiting for the elevator to leave the VIP suites at Indianapolis' Lucas Oil Stadium. "I can't believe they dropped the ball so many times."

Harsh! Check out more pics from the recent Versace campaign here

Frank Ocean | Thinking About You (SBTRKT Remix) + Voodoo

Mr. Ocean! So I know both of these tracks may be a little old now but I keep hearing them on my shuffle and the more I hear them the more they grow on me. The first track is a mix by SBTRKT. The second a new track which will be on Frank's newest project which should be dropping soon. The beat reminds me of a Maxwell track, and I'm anticipating his next body of work more then anyone's right now. Enjoy!