Saturday, January 21, 2012

George Guest Backpacks

I'm not sure if you saw Hop's post on The Aer the other day, but he dropped a slight gem in there that I want to make sure you all caught.

"Also seeing this site is mainly based on fashion & lifestyle I figured I'd throw this cool fact in one of these guys brothers also owns a line of backpacks called George Guest. Head over there to check them out. Pretty pricey but nice high-end looking backpacks."

Hopefully you all checked out that link - but in the event that you didn't, this is what 2nd chances are for! Constructed of 18 oz. treated duck canvas and featuring full grain leather base and trim - these Rolltop Backpacks are not for play! Also includes two external "quick access" pockets for notebooks/pens/pads/wallets/keys etc., but includes padding for security in case you want to throw a tablet in there. Internal pocket is large enough to carry a 17in laptop, books, etc. 
I don't like over paying for a product where a company is just relying on their name/monogram logo (*cough*) - but if you are a newcomer and really putting the emphasis of your line on the product itself - well that deserves some cash and attention.