Saturday, January 28, 2012

Mike23 - WayFresher

When putting together's yesterday's post on those shades from 9Five, the 2Three's, I couldn't help but be reminded of the brand Mike23 (Taking cues the GOAT as well - both with name and cement inspired colorways). These glasses were featured on OSTT back in 2007, and at that time - they were not yet commercially available. The WayFresher's eventual release was held up to the C&D that Jordan Brand hit them with (Nike/Jordan Brand don't give much leeway when it comes to heavy reliance on His Airness' likeness) - but come to find out, you can still purchase Mike23's "WayFresher" sunglasses today! There is more to these glasses than a classic silhouette and dope print - these of the upmost quality.

"... a set of premium sunglasses that’s hand crafted in Japan featuring the infamous crackle pattern. To construct the Mike acetate frames a process of over 40 days and 100 craftsmen are needed. The construction process starts where several sheets of acetate are hand cut to size one at a time and over a period of six hours are heated to 150 degrees layer by layer. At this time a craftsman hand molds and shapes into a curved face-forming shape. After a cooling period, the shapes are than hand craved and are polished in a tumbling process over a two week period. The frames are attached to the arms with ten rivets, “2″ on the front and “3″ on the side for each arm to create the strongest hinge available int he optical industry."

Hopefully Mike23 can find a way to get those cement print chucks back on the market as well!