Thursday, September 29, 2011

Tanner Goods: Pendleton Lined Card Holder

I've been a fan of Tanner Goods for a while now - from their leather patches sewn on a good percentage of the US-made niche denim market, to their quality hand-crafted wallets and other designs. It looks like they recently stepped up the design factor on their cardholder (originally featured Summer 2010) by lining it with Pendleton Wool, leading to a 200% increase in cool factor. Apparently, these are only available at the Portland flagship store now as they are being market tested - but hopefully look for these to be a regular part of the Tanner Goods repertoire shortly. Pics of the all black version, and an all pendleton version, after the jump. Check out Morrow Mag for more info on the Tanner Goods flagship store.