Monday, January 09, 2012

Jay-Z | Glory feat B.I.C.

Shifting gears to something much more important... As you all may know Jay-Z & Beyonce gave birth to a baby girl yesterday - Blue Ivy Carter. Jay blesses us with this track to show his love for his little one, produced by none other then Pharell. Fitting he links up with Skateboard for the first track dedicated to his daughter. I love it! Once you have a kid your focus and priorities seem to shift I wish the Carter's the best. Still crazy to think Jay rented out the whole hospital for 1.4 while Beyonce gave birth. Lastly, if that isn't a celebrity name "Blue Ivy" not sure what is. Enjoy!

Update: LOL this is embarrassing but in case you were wondering who the feature is B.I.C = Blue Ivy Carter... yeah I just got that one too.

DL: Glory