Sunday, January 15, 2012

S-Double: Pocket T

I make absolutely no attempt to hide this at all : S-Double is one of my favorite brands out right now. Shawn Stussy, the originator of what you have come to know as Streetwear, couldn't be bothered about setting or following trends, building up or promoting his product releases, or even releasing product in conjunction with the seasons - he drops product when the quality and design is up to par, and when its ready to purchased. If you happen to check the site/are in the know of the drop - good for you, purchase some great stuff. If not, no sweat. My man has made millions off the company that now only bears his surname - this time around, he's in for the fun, and the love. Check the S-Double site now for the goods available for purchase (yes - the boards we previously mentioned are now available online for purchase).

Seriously though - In case you aren't buying the fact that he is letting the product speak for itself, this is how the shirt above is described on the website - looks eerily similar to a write-up I'd typically do for this site -  not what you'd expect from a salesman trying to get you to buy his product -  but that's how S-Double rolls:

"This pocket tee comes in a fine gauge jersey knit with a slimmer silhouette... Our classic logo is printed just above the pocket... Simple and low-key..."