Friday, January 13, 2012

Supreme London

I'm currently out traveling in Europe - and my current stop brought me to London for the weekend. Aside from checking out the obvious sites (Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Parliament Building, Westminster Abbey, etc) - I had to stop by London's new must-see attraction - Europe's first Supreme flagship store. The store has about what you've come to expect from Supreme - minimalist design featuring Skateboards hanging on the wall, along with Supreme, Thrasher, Chocolate, and Girl gear spread throughout the store. Art fans get a special treat as Mark Gonzales provided drawings and sculptures (one located on the bottom floor, one hanging from the top) As you'd expect, selection of product was also at a minimum - so head there closer to a drop date if you want to cop some of the premier pieces, as they go just as quickly here as they do in LA, NY, and Japan.

Also - be sure to check out this excellent write-up done by The Business of Fashion here. This is an excellent article that captures topics such as the brand's longevity, exclusivity, and quality. Make sure and give it a read.