Monday, January 09, 2012

Common | Stay Schemin Remix (Round 2)

Ahh! Beefing is alive and well! So eventually I plan on getting to a point to where I stop venting my thoughts about music on twitter (@Hop_OSTT - excuse the shameless plug) and just putting my thoughts on here. It just bugs me when people discount a beef because they think someone is soft... I could be overreacting and people are just joking to joke which is perfectly fine. But I think this is the best thing to happen to music outside of the Weeknd & Rick Ross in a good minute or should I say the best beef in some time if it continues. Think about it you have two of today's greatest MC's going back and forth on the same topics fans dislike about rappers now a days. Lyrically we're getting some top notch music!

Before I go into any more of my thoughts here is a quick rundown.

+ Common - Sweet
+ Common confirms he was talking about Drake on Sweet
+ Q-Tip backing Common going in on Noah 40 (Drake's producer) via Twitter
+ Drake responds on Stay Schemin

Round 2

+ Common - Stay Schemin Remix
+ To be continued...

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I had a convo with my sister, yes my sister. Before I go any further my sister is a huge Lonnie Lynn fan has all his CD's, been to his concert every time he comes through LA and has also read his book. She argues she knows him because she touched his hand and he said what's up but I'm not counting that.... So her POV is some what biased but she claims maybe its over Serena?! Which kind of sort of makes sense but for this beef I hope that's not the basis for the battle or that would be the worse, for reasons I won't discuss LOL. Anyways the reason I brought my sister into this discussion is because I was trying to figure out why Common would even start to go down that road? Common who will go down as a legend can't really gain anything from this can he? I can literally name a few reason why I think (Good vs YMCMB, Serena, Common never getting the shine he deserves and Drake coming in the game cocky, Drake singing but trying to act hard, etc etc). At the end of the day some could argue Common should have just left it alone because his legacy is bigger then that, but me? I think its great, I'd rather listen to them beef than hear 90% of the music that comes out today. What are your thoughts? Who is winning so far? Who's side are you on? Either way enjoy! We don't often get to see any GOOD (no pun) battles anymore so get your popcorn!