Sunday, January 08, 2012

Rick Ross | Rich Forever (Street Album)

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Remember when your parents would tell you to think before you speak? Yeah well for this one I decided to give it a full listen and consume all of the materials i.e. above video which is the making of, the Stay Schemin music video where you can catch Drake firing shots back at Common (which by the way I think would be great for music right now), speaking on the Kobe - Vanessa divorce situation and Ross' first visual off of Rich Forever. Now that I got that out I can finish my review which none of you really care about anyway ha!

First wanted to break down the title Rich Forever, which he explains, "I'm rich now so why can't I wish to be Rich Forever?" then he says, "I want my people to eat and have money forever side by side with me." I really understood that and thought that's what anyone would want there family and loved ones to be, set forever. Then there is the other aspect where in almost every song he talks about his wealth and saying things most of us will never or rarely get to see on a daily basis. Think of how many people actually ever get to see a Bugatti up close or even have the chance to sit inside of one? You have those same people running around screaming about Bugatti's... Its like a movement in music a lot of big time artist are jumping on the Rick Ross bandwagon and they are setting him up to be the Notorious Big of our generation.

Overall I thought this "street album" was really solid and indeed better then most peoples albums Ross is definitely special and when its all said and done will be remembered as one of the heavy hitting legends of hip hop. You can also tell a lot of the tracks on this album were meant for God Forgives, I Don't because he says it as if it was the title of the album throughout various tracks. One of my favorite songs on the album is "Party Heart" which is produced by Chuck English of the Cool Kids. By the way wonder if anyone would have ever thought Chuck English would produce a song for Rick Ross? I have a post coming up with a bunch of beats by Chuck that mans been working. Anyway be sure to check "Party Heart" out and tell me what you think when you see me. =)

At the end of the day these are merely my opinions and music is very subjective. Rappers rap about how they are living because its the easiest way to tell a story about what's real. I love music and its good to have so much of it on a daily basis but a curse as well but music is alive and well in '12. Think of how far Ross has came... 50 Cent was trying to ruin his career because he was a PO officer not speaking the real, I think 50 knew back then this guy could be something great so he tried to destroy him before he got hot. Somewhere in between when Ross came in and Diddy got a hold of him he figured out a style and lane to go in and he's mastered it. Much respect to Ross and enjoy this great piece of work.