Monday, January 30, 2012

Raif Adelberg Interview

Raif Adelberg is back on the scene in a major way - designing and constructing custom pieces from deadstock hand knit cowhichan sweaters for a new collaboration project. Raif has kept busy since founding Made Magazine with projects such as the modern boutique 24, the world renowned luxury store Richard Kidd, Deadboys Clubhouse and his own hand knit cashmere collection Raif Adelberg. 

The collection was released late 2011 - but that's not the reason for the post - I was just watching this interview he did with Stussy again (posted after the jump) - and felt like it needed to be shared. This is one of those dudes that has aged within the culture - and is continuing to pump out quality products. I like when the owners and designers behind brands and movements allow their product to grow with their  supporters - and not pigeon-hole their own product to a particular demographic. Interview after the jump!