Friday, May 06, 2011

Stussy x Marvel - KIDS edition

When news of this collab between Stussy and Marvel first dropped - I was pretty pumped. Legendary Streetwear company collaborating with the Comic OG's? At first glance, it had the makings of a classic Collaboration. If you are part of the Oh Snaps faithful, however, you know that I never posted information related to the project/release, and that should've said enough. After checking out the release, I was pretty let down. I felt the collaboration was lackluster at best- the project relied too heavily on the Stussy branding, and the characters utilized on the Marvel side were too bland and predictable. On top of that, I felt the overall product was geared toward the pre-teen generation (feel free to insert sardonic crack about comics being for kids - but let's be honest, they don't call them graphic novels for nothing). 

Anyway - when Stussy announced they were releasing a line-up of shirts for this kids - everything came full circle. This has something for everything. You can be happy that your kid is wearing Stussy, your kid can be happy he's wearing a comic superhero that he actually knows, and your wife can be happy that you bought a t-shirt for someone other than yourself for a change.