Friday, May 20, 2011


It's funny how these posts come together sometime. On Wednesday the 18th, I saw this post on The Fader talking about how "Kreayshawn is Good and Weird" - checked out the music video - and kinda dug it. It was Wifey and I's 7 yr (#swag!) that night so we ended up hitting up Hot's Kitchen in Hermosa Beach to celebrate (that place deserves a post in and of itself - been there a few times now, and can't stop) - so I didn't end up re-posting it, and got side-tracked with what else was going on. Yesterday - the vid blew up. Sites such as Complex, The Hundreds, Swag or No Swag (one of my favorite Tumblr's out right now), and MANY more posted the video. The video had less than 30k views Wed night, and by this morning, was already approaching 200k with the quickness. Kind of goes with Hop talking about how the internet has changed the game -indeed it has! Back in our day (80's baby) - we'd have had to wait for this song to break indy, then get radio play, then eventually make its way on to MTV (which played music videos - and stood for Music Television - crazy, I know).

Anyway - I'm not that big of a fan of this chick - but I'm drawn to it. If Lil B, Andy Milonakis, Dirt Nasty, Lady Gaga, and Ke$ha had an orgy - I imagine this is what their love child would turn out to be. Regardless, the video is hot, the hook is infectious ("Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada / Basic bitches wear that s--- so I don't even bother."), and some of the bars are kinda clever ("Bitch you ain't no Barbie / I see you work at Arby's / No. 2, super-size / Hurry up, I'm starving.")

Video for "Gucci Gucci" after the jump.