Saturday, May 28, 2011

UES - Rainbow County - Talon Zip Case

When it comes to breaking in a pair of jeans, or really wearing jeans in general - there are two factions: those that go with the flow and throw anything and everything in their pockets to stretch everything out and/or increase the wear/fading of their denim, and those that don't like to put anything in their pockets. I belong to the later. I dump all that I can in wifey's purse if she's with me, and if I'm riding solo - you'll never catch me with more than a thin wallet in the right one back pocket with a cell phone in back left, Car key in the front left pocket and Chapstick in the right coin pocket. Bare essentials.

As often as I can - I try to roll with a coin/zip case on a belt loop that can keep my key items out of my pockets. In my opinion - the Louis Vuitton pouch has been rocked to death - and is a little past its prime (see flicks of some of your favorites rocking the LV after the jump). I personally rocked an old Stussy one I got from Japan that held up strong the last 6+ years, but was recently looking to switch it up with something new and different. Enter UES/Rainbow County with their Talon Zip Case. Winner.

Purchase here.