Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Jo & Hop Presents... | OSTT Vol. II

It's about that time! Sorry it took so long. Also because it took so long, look for Vol. III to come out this month as well. First of all I want to thank my boy Jo for connecting with me on this project. He did work on the cover and helped me select songs for Vol. II. We have visions along with PrinceofGundo for this to be a hot item every month. So thanks for the support and words of encouragement on Vol. I, keep supporting.

Also another quick hitter. When we put these mixtapes together we do it with intentions of you to check out the artist. We know you may not like every track but there is always a gem. This one also in my mind started off as a story based on the album cover. I saw it and instantly had a mood for the mixtape which reflects the melody of the music. So when your looking at the album cover the music should somewhat be the art along with he music.

Hit the jump to download & see the track list along with thoughts on why we picked those tracks. DSE (Download, Share & Enjoy!)

Donwload: OSTT Vol. II

1. J. Cole - In The Morning Feat Drake
What i really like about this track is how they avoided the controversy. “J Cole vs Drake” Who’s the better rapper? What are they going to talk about?
Women, duh. Controversy avoided. Dope melody too. Great message also. Who doesn’t like it in the morning?

Hop: I think my buddy has pretty much summed this up. Plus I like to speak to the production side of it. I'm going to say first off the melody is perfect and just the way I wanted to start the mixtape off. Also if you noticed Drake's voice was different. Supposedly he was sick when he recorded this and I think ultimately it made for a better song. Plus like my partner said who doesn't like it in the morning?

2. Big K.R.I.T- Vent
Jo: Hop put me onto this guy. Been on rotation ever since. Reminds me of Drake’s “The Calm” with his own unique swag to it.

Hop: I heard a couple song from this guy and it had that ATL Outkast feel to it and I was hooked. Caught wind of this album and from beginning to end I say a classic top 10 when it comes to free legal web downloads. I particularly like this song because the beat is simple with the bass riding it a little with it being super lyric driven.

3. Childish Gambino- Freaks & Geeks
Jo: Dude is a great rapper....and a hilarious comedian. Should make for some great music.

Hop: ML put me on this guy, at first I was skeptical but then I heard and saw the video for this song and I was a little blown away. I think this song has a great build and Donald delivers some nice bars. Plus its catchy and universal.

4. J. Cole - Disgusting
Jo: Street single for his new album. I really dig on his flow and his producer skills show in how he puts the track together. I’m a big JCole fan. #Coleworld

Hop: I can't argue with this one. This kid is talented and this beat comes off bad on bad speakers. So do yourself some justice and listen to this song on good speakers/headphones.

5. Pusha T feat Kevin Cossom- Feeling Myself
Jo: I love this song. Off Pusha T’s Fear of God mixtape to be added on and released as an EP in June. Be on the lookout for Pusha now that he’s with GOOD music, there are some big things coming. Don’t make me say i told you so.

Hop: I remember hearing this song when Fear of God dropped thought it was solid! KC is a beast for any of you that know me know I respect his creativity. Plus Pusha spits bars.

6. Lupe Fiasco feat Trey Songz- Out of My Head
Jo: I think this should have been Lupe’s single. Trey kills it as well. Interesting point I noticed... they never actually say the whole title of the song in the verses or the hooks. Nevertheless, this song is a great jam. Lupe for the club. Oxymoron?

Hop: I remember hearing this album and I called this being the next big single before the radio started killing it. Very catchy and does show a different side of Lupe.

7. Fabolous - Look at Her (You Be Killin Em’ Part 2 Ft. Neyo & Ryan Leslie)
Jo: Can’t front... favorite part of this is Ryan Leslie. He adds his own swag to tracks he is involved with.

Hop: We all know the first version was a banger Ryan Leslie is a beast of a producer this one is dope to me because it has that weird vibe of being slower but still fast paced.

8. Estelle - Break My Heart
Hop: Always been a fan of Estelle and Rick Ross has grown on me significantly. This is soulful but with that Rick Ross backbone and ultimately works for the vibe of OSTT Vol. II

9. Pac Div - Let Loose
Hop: Got a chance to have dinner with these guys and chop it up. I think this is a good group of guys that make some great music this is the first single off their new album dropping soon. Listen to this bad boy until the end and you'll see why they are in a category of there own when it comes to rap groups.

10. Frank Ocean- Swim Good
Jo: Just found out about Mr Ocean. He released a couple free mixtapes this month which are a must cop if you like good R&B. Just sit back and vibe type of music.

Hop: Going to be honest never heard of him before but this is why I love doing this because I come across new music and when the mood is right I have stuff I've never heard to cue up. Love the melody of the song Frank rides it perfectly.

11. Drake - I Get Lonely Too
Jo: I like his version better than the one with Jamie Foxx.

Hop: Think my partner has this song mixed up. It does sound super similar to Fall For Your Type. This was suppose to be a single off the R&B mixtape that never dropped still think Drake is a better singer however his rap game lately has gotten significantly better.

12. Adele- LoveSong
Jo: Gotta love a good cover done right. By the way.... Adele’s album is a must cop as well.

Hop: All I'm going to say is here album is epic.... Please go check it out.

13. Sade - The Moon & The Sky Remix Feat. Jay-Z
Jo: Sade and Jay...what a roster. Nevertheless... i’m still undecided about this song. I like it, but Jay’s verse is still somewhat of a mystery to me. Haven’t figured out all the little double/triple entendre’s he leaves. On another note check out Jay’s new blog at

Hop: What I like about this is 40 Shebib if I spelled right Drake's producer produced it so it has that Drake sound but Sade fills in nicely with Jay providing lyrics can we say Grown & Sexy Music.

14. The Weeknd- The Party & The Afterparty
Jo: The new dudes have been killing it. Once again, their mixtape/EP is a must cop. You will not be disappointed.

Hop: This whole CD is good this song is super long but really good love the sloppy bass line that comes in this is a great pre game song in my opinion. Watch for the Weeknd to make a lot of noise.

15. Nate Dogg- Aint No Fun
Jo: My favorite artist for a while hands down was Nate Dogg. Rest in Peace homie. You will be missed. Nobody will ever be able to do it like you could do it.

Hop: Had to end it right with one last shout out to Nate Dogg RIP...