Wednesday, May 18, 2011

O-Check - Leather Notebook

Had a meeting the other day, and the Partner from this consulting firm we hired busted out the most beautifully aged leather notebook I have ever seen. Being me - I had to ask him about it, and he said he received it over 20 years ago when he was a staff with the firm just starting out. I've been rocking with some quality notebooks the last couple years - but they've always been more along the "green" or "environment-friendly" route. I found a similar product over at Jenni Bick , and will be making the jump after my current notebook fills up. Check after the jump for additional information on the O-Check company.
Korean-based O-Check Design Graphics is the creator of a thoughtful and ever-changing collection of stationery that weaves unique charm into its’ highly original designs.

O-Check is environmentally conscious, creating many of its products from recycled paper, natural fabrics, wood and soy ink.

The designers of O-Check are inspired by their travels, books, music, conversation and imagery, and work to capture the beauty of life and express it through charming and timeless stationery.

O-Check was established in 2000 in Seoul, Korea and quickly developed a reputation for stationery that is both beautiful and functional.

The name ‘O-Check’ is derived from the Korean word ‘gongcheck’ which translated literally means ‘a book with nothing inside’. Substituting a zero for the word ‘gong’ O-Check captured the essence of its notebooks which upon creation are empty, but come alive when filled with words, thoughts, feelings and drawings.

O-Check’s unique collection of stationery is constantly changing as new ideas and designs are brought to life.