Saturday, May 14, 2011

Nike Haurache (White, Fresh Water)

The '92 Huarache's were minimalism at its best. Combined the comfort of a sandal, with the performance of a Sneaker - and then strip away everything that's unnecessary"

Nike Huarache's were the first shoes that I was so thirsty for as a youngster, that I bought them with my hard earned chore money. I don't know what it was about the shoe - I think it was the overally uniqueness of the shoe - and the fact that no one that I knew I had them - made them a must buy

Nike has tried to re-create its magic with the Huarache's over the year by introducing new, updated models (2k4? Ugh). Every now and then, they release an original pair in an updated colorway that gets my juices pumpin again (pause). These Huarache Trainers? Um, Yes please. Purchase here.

After the jump, check out a pic of the original Huarache's that I first fell in love with, as well as an excerpt from Episode 4 of the Sneaker documentary, Laced, discussing the shoe.