Sunday, March 06, 2011

TOMS - Spring 2011

TOMS has launched their Spring 2011 line-up online and at select retailers - and they have really increased the quality and design of their pieces, while continuing to benefit millions of people across the world (yes- you read that correct - although they did not launch their 'one-for-one' program until 2006, in September 2010, they gave away their millionth pair of shoes). As their popularity continues to grow, so do their benevolent deeds. Also, as part of the Spring collection, TOMS has also began selling various clothing products - such as this "Thank You" shirt, in addition to some logo t's and hoodies.  I'm not sure if they donate on a one-for-one basis for clothing sales as well - but regardless - TOMS is a stand-up brand, and #isupport.