Friday, March 04, 2011


One word: Fresh!

Edit: Ok, a couple more words. I'm really curious to see how the hype around these shoes is. In my opinion, these are hotter than all but one of the Air Yeezy colorways - and we all know how quick those sold out/what the resell market is like. I don't like high-tops, which is why I passed on the Air Yeezy's to begin with, but this colorway is hot. Now, we'll see if people actually liked the Yeezy's, or if it as all about the name attached to them, because aside from a few minor details (upper silhouette, strap, etc) - these are pretty dead on.

Via Sole Collector:

Inspired by the original Nike Air Pressure from 1989, Nike has dropped the updated Air PR1 at retailers this year. With additional design cues taken from shoes like the Nike Air Flight Like and Air Jordan III, the Air PR1 is a sport-inspired sneaker intended more for style purposes in the same vein as a shoe like the Air Yeezy.

This pair features a black and dark grey nubuck upper with tonal leather elephant print along the side panel and ankle. Tiffany-like water blue offers a sharp contrast to the darker base on the inner liner and Jordan III outsole.