Tuesday, March 01, 2011

BBC "The Look" Episode - Featuring Stussy (Early 90's)

Stussy - BBC's The Look featuring Chanel, RL & Stussy from Stussy Chapters on Vimeo.

Wow - High Snobiety dug up this old feature conducted by the British Broadcasting Company on Stussy back from the early 90's. If you are at all interested in street fashion - spend 7 mins of your day and check out this feature on Shawn Stussy and his brand. These were the good ol' days - back when Shawn himself called the shots, prior to retiring, and then coming back with his new self-branded company, S-Double.

"I want to be exclusive and I do not care about the huge sales...we're probably good at pulling the reins in on letting it get to big more than anything else and that's why people want to wear it for a long period of time...right now, we could be on a lot more stores...doing double the amount of sales, but then [BBC] wouldn't want to be here talking about it, and all of my homeboys wouldn't want to wear it, because everyone else did, so there really is like a natural growth pattern" - Shawn Stussy

Crazy that the issues faced by Stussy back in the early 90's are still being confronted head on by the new generation of streetwear  brands today. Learn from your elders - and respect the game.