Friday, March 11, 2011

J.Hop | OSTT Vol. I

It's Finally here!!!! So this is the first monthly edition of the Oh Snaps Thats Tight Vol. I mixtape (OSTT Vol. I). So I have been collecting a bunch of music through my phone on an app called Sound Hound. A few of the tracks you may have already heard or may not have heard but since people are always looking for new music I figured I'd put together a mixtape full of music for a change instead of one post at a time. Please note that this is a wide variety of music I never attach myself to just one genre I love all music and I will do specific genres later on but the first one will be a mix of songs I love. These tracks have great melody and tone. Hopefully you enjoy it and find at least a couple songs that relate to you or ones you love and have already heard. Thanks for following and supporting too by the way. Oh and if you haven't bookmarked or hopspot please do so. Hit the jump for a breakdown on each track and why I picked it. Also if you have any problems playing any of the tracks hit me up and let me know. If you didn't know this is one of my favorite pictures of all-time. I think my plan is to do a different classic pic each month. Stay tuned and enjoy!


1) All Right - So I figured I'd start you all off with something smooth to set the tone. I found out about this producer from a friend and after hearing one song I was hooked. This is from his new album which is on iTunes. It's funk mixed with a little soul. Mind you I listen to a lot of these track through my headphones or on a good sound system if you have a chance to do that with this song listen close and you can hear 5 to 6 different sounds. I love Freddie J's music.

2) 1901 - So I think I was in FL driving to go pick up my son and this came on the radio. I had no idea who this was so I broke out the phone and good old technology did the rest. What I love most about this song is the guitar/keyboard strokes that carry the song throughout.

3) Beautiful People - So this is a special one I didn't actually use Sound Hound for this one but this is actually on CB's new album. I was driving home and this came on in my car and I instantly felt like I was at a rave somewhere the music took me turned my mood around. I see why people who love the trance music don't give a care in the world this music actually takes a hold of you. Pre-game to this one. Guarantee if this came on in a club you'd rage! Enjoy!

4) Plastik - This little gym was actually requested by a buddy Houston and Mike Stock. I'm like the music guy and they needed me to download it so I did and this one was super smooth and it reminded me of something Freddie J would do mixed with the rave music. Just go drive somewhere and put this on bet you it makes you think.

5) Measurements - So here at work we play music from time to time to set the mood right. Not in that way... Anyways my fellow account mate played this and I whipped out my phone I could have just asked him but I love Sound Hound ha. Well this guy is dope and this song makes me think of the south sitting out on a porch watching people walk by. Love this song the vibe is unlike anything you hear on the radio which is why I love it.

6) Strange Love - TL always comes through he reminds me of Kid Cudi mixed with Prince. If they somehow had a baby he would be TL. Anyways this song really catches high for me when the hook comes in with the background vocal "uh oh uh oh uh oh!"

7) Go To Sleep - By now I hope your enjoying the album. These tracks really hit me the have so much feeling in them. This song is dope just because of the hard piano keys and the soft voice humming in the background. Plus Lupe always comes through his flow actually has meaning unlike most rappers.

8) The Entrance - So this track is on here for a couple reasons. 1, I wanted to give Gift Raps some credit because I bashed it so much this track actually goes hard! 2, I wanted to add some rap because I found most of these songs with Sound Hound most of them aren't Rap because I don't need to use Sound Hound on rap songs because I know the artist. So hopefully you enjoy this one just as much as the rest. Music is so much more when you think about it outside the box. Don't be stuck in 1 genre!

9) Baby Roulette - I think these guys are dope. This song is pretty dope and funny. What I like about this song is the beat. The synth sound with the mario brother video game sound is cool. Overall I love when sounds have great melody plus if you listen to the words they're pretty interesting.

10) Hello - So I heard this actually watching a video of Ryan Leslie doing a production. If you dont know who Ryan Leslie is Youtube him. The dude is amazing. His beats are dope to me because he makes them right in front of you on Youtube. Also his sound is unique and once again the melody is beautiful.

11) Gone & Never Coming Back - I'm going to keep this review to a minimum and let this song speak for itself. Melanie Fiona is probably my favorite female artist right now. Everyone that knows me knows Alicia was it but Swizz killed that for me and she hasn't put out anything for a bit. Melanie has a beautiful voice its super powerful and super natural. I just hope Beyonce, Rihanna and Willow don't take all the light. Seems like the industry only gives them love. Well guess what Melanie to me is better than all 3. In my opinion. The hook is too powerful on this song with the piano carrying it.

12) Horse - Love songs that have simple beats and are vocal driven. Plus this sound reminds me of Little Dragon. If you don't know who they are I will get you familiar with them stay tuned. Favorite part is when she sings the line, "You know that I'll be holding on..."

13) I Wanna Be Your Lover (Cover) - Corinne Bailey Rae has a unique voice that works for this song. Prince is one of my favorite artist and who doesn't love a good cover!

14) Never Forget You - So this is another gem that I obviously know. I just had to add this one because Lupe always speaks truth and has substance to his rap. John Legend has an amazing voice plus I love the piano throughout the song it's only a couple keys but it moves me. Enjoy!

15) Time Flies - Last but certainly not least I had to put this one here for a reason. The theory behind this is. I added this one here because it's like the time flies when your having fun saying. I heard this song watching Kid Cudi on Ustream and busted out the phone this song for some reason makes me super emotional. I'm not afraid to say that but I thought this was a cool song to end on and it's really beautiful. Hope you enjoy and play this whole album back! LOVE.

Thanks to KMann and CJ for helping with the album cover!