Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nate Dogg | 8.19.69 - 3.15.11 (All Doggs Go to Heaven)

Everyone who loves music and hip hop knew who Nate Dogg was he's a legend and a West Coast revolutionary. He has been battling health problems for a while now. Death is never cool and is always a sad time but also a time to remember and celebrate life, history, and in this case some classic hits. My buddy Mike Lebow aka @J83out put together this super dope list of Nate songs. I really don't think he left out any classics. I wish I could put all this on one CD but for now just let it play and embrace the smooth sounds of Nate Dogg! Also one last not I actually bought the Nate Dogg Music and Me CD at a BX while I was in the Air Force because I loved his music so much. I think I gave it away to a buddy in MT a few years back wish I could get that back now. Enjoy and RIP. All doggs go to heaven!

*Edit* - Playlist moved after the jump for your streaming pleasure!