Saturday, November 06, 2010

XLarge - Holiday 2010 Collection

I feel like XLarge is a brand that constantly gets slept on. Not so much with regard to what they are putting out now - but from a historical perspective. While Stussy is the first thought that comes to mind of California brands really pushing the Surf/Skate (and eventually Streetwear) look, XLarge gets no love. Xlarge has been putting it down since 1991, which is no small feet, especially in the current environment. If nothing else, I mean damn, Nigo basically switched up Xlarge's already established logo and flipped it to start A Bathing Ape (better recognized as BAPE).

Not saying what XLarge is pushing the edge from a design perspective, all I'm saying is we can still pay homage and respect to one of the OG's that changed the game. Check more from their holiday 2010 collection here.