Sunday, November 07, 2010

HEX Watch Band (for iPod Nano Gen 6)

These are just about sweet enough for me to consider picking up one of the new Nano's. Pretty simple (and sweet) idea - just pop in your iPod Nano, and its a stylish watch. How sweet is that? Check out HEX Watch for more info.

As a side note - this is why I love constant innovation. Whenever a new product is made (especially from Apple), the new gadgets/cases/accessories that accompany it or draw inspiration from it often draw just as much excitement (if not more) as the original product (I mean, Louis Vuitton put out an iPad case for $365, for damn's sake). . For all we know, whoever is behind this HEX company was sitting at home, unemployed, staring down at his Silicone bracelet when he saw a commercial for the new iPod Nano and was struck with an idea. This is how we'll get our economy back on track - innovation!