Sunday, November 14, 2010

Univ - Encinitas, California

I made it down to one of my favorite shops outside of LA in California in the world this weekend, Univ down south in Encinitas. It takes more than having quality product and strong accounts to make a store high on my list - although Univ does have a Quickstrike Nike account, and stock brands such as Warriors of Radness and The Hundreds, two perennial favorites here at Oh Snaps. Univ has also has a very strong house brand - featuring everything from raw selvage denim to oxford shirts and polo's, to t's and tanks. My buddy copped the Star pullover above - and you have to feel it yourself to truly understand the quality product they are churning out. The decor is on point - featuring relic photos, a spinning record player with kicks on top, and 8 tracks throughout the store. Top it all off with friendly, knowledgable staff (not your typical 'cool guys' more in to their itunes playlist and surfing the net) and a site that is 3 blocks up from the beach - and you have Univ, an Oh-Snaps approved fan favorite. Check out their online store for yourself.