Wednesday, November 10, 2010

O Clock

O Clock, designed and manufactured in Italy - provide a nice alternative to your wrist-game collection. Similar to the iPod watch from a couple days back - you only need to purchase one watch - and can but multiple straps to mix up the look. Considering the quality of the product and the fact that its made in Italy - surprising to see these are also very reasonably priced. Check them out on their website here.More info, via O Clock:

Fullspot company was born from different experiences coming together and it is animated by its founders. Through a synergic interaction of their skills, this new brand comes alive and launches O clock, the first of a series of products thought and manufactured in Italy and that are destined to become cult-objects thanks to their practical utility and aesthetic value.

Countertrends, Fullspot promotes “Made in Italy” and not just “Designed in Italy” products and projects, thanks to the appropriate mix of customization, attention to detail proper of Italian production and our designers’ ability.

Fullspot addresses young and dynamic people, who make use of simple objects to stand out and complete their own look.

The attention to the future is demonstrated also by a constant search for materials and eco-sustainable projects, so that future generations can have the use of the same resources we inherited from previous generation.