Thursday, November 18, 2010

Left Field Denim

First things first - Pause. No Homo on that pic. The fella's over at Denim Debate had a raving review of Left Field Denim, and my buddy Drew just bought a pair so we'll see how they work out for him. Check the DD review below:

Seriously, these jeans are like a gift that keeps on giving. Every day the fit and feel is better than than it was the day before, despite the fact that both were pretty much perfect from the get-go. It’s like a freaking perpetual motion machine of awesome. I’ve been wearing them nonstop since my last post, short of one or two pant-free Sundays at home. There is already some very nice fading happening in the crotch, particularly the marks caused by the button fly. The wallet indentation is also coming in nicely, as are the creases in the back of the knees. Also of note is how unbelievably soft these things have already gotten. Historically, my experience has been that it takes at least three months (though usually more) for raw denim to feel, well, not terrible. Amazingly, at only a little over 30 days in, these already feel great against the skin. Not to come-off like a total shill, but these really are the best jeans I’ve ever owned.