Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Outlawz - Killuminati2k10

I don't know what the deal is - but I checked the Stats on my blog the other day, and was really surprised that my #1 viewed post of all time (we're talking over 5 years of activity here, folks) was May 2008's short post providing a link to the Best of 2pac and the Outlawz" mixtape. I'm thinking that may be more a function of random internet searches for the legendary 2pac and/or his loyal soldiers versus my daily readers - but since today is election day, I figured I better not risk anything and I should just play it safe and post the Outlawz newest mixtape, Killuminati 2k10. Hussein Fatal is back in the mix, and this is their appetizer prior to releasing their next LP - Perfect Timing, in Q1 2011.

Check out The Outlawz site to stream the mixtape in its entirety, and if you like, download the mixtape for free. Also - for the true Outlaw fans out there, you can purchase the mixtape for $7.99 in iTunes without the DJ Smallz drops throughout.

My thoughts - all in all, a strong effort. Doesn't crack my top 3 Outlaw releases (Outlawz & DJ Fatal - Retribution: The Lost Album, Outlaw 4 Life, and Outlaw Warriorz), but worth checking out.