Sunday, November 21, 2010

George Condo Explains Kanye Commissions

As much as I love appreciating art and digesting it on my own - there is a larger piece of me that loves to hear from the artist himself to understand what he was trying to acheive with his work, what his insirations were, etc. George Condo did just that by opening up to the NY MAG about each of the pieces he did for Kanye West's soon to be released album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. Below, check out Mr. Condo's thoughts surrounding one of my favorites, Head with Sword (second to his cubist-style portrait). Check the full interview via NY MAG.

“I really like that idea of a Shakespearian thing,” West told Condo about this painting of a severed head wearing a crown. The piece’s two contrasting styles -- “cubism and classicism forged together in a single painting” — dovetail, Condo says, with West’s music, with its “layers of different styles happening simultaneously.” What did Kanye see in the picture that made him like it? “His tragedy was a kind of exile that Kanye imposed upon himself,” Condo says. “He was free from exile by having the cathartic moment in the image. He’s alive in the painting, you know what I mean? In a strange way it’s like, he opened his eyes.”