Sunday, August 28, 2011

Freshjive - Fall 2011

Click here to checkout the Fall collection from Freshjive. I'm a fan, but uh, I'm not the only one that sees that slowly but surely, Freshjive has been 'borrowing' the swag of their sister company - Warriors of Radness, right? No qualms here- obviously I've been a huge supporter of WOR the last few years (link from 2008 - wow?). At the end of the day, I can't hate on Freshjive - they have done wonders for the industry the last 2 decades - and have under gone drastic changes more than a few times in their illustrious history - and that's why they are still around. They are just as relevant in 2011, as they were in 1989 - and that kind of staying power says enough.

*Note - the image above isn't reflective of the entire fall collection, just making my point. Check out WRG for the darker clothes you would expect from Freshjive, especially during Fall.