Thursday, August 04, 2011

The Hundreds - Fall 2011 Hats

1. This hat is tight. 
2. It is part of The Hundreds Fall Collection.
3. The other hats included in the Fall line-up are featured in a blog called We Brought Snapbacks Back. A lot of people/websites/companies have been taking "credit" for doing the same lately, and I kind of take issues with it. In my opinion, Snapbacks never left. I still rock my Duke snapback that I got in 1991 (Present in 4th grade for getting straight A's - swag!), and have done so consistently since then. I guess you can say that snapbacks are definitely back in the mainstream - similar to the flannel neon resurgence in the mid 2000's, the flannel's in 2007/2008, and cardigan's in 2009-2010. It's all cyclical, and I get that - just don't like personal style getting grouped in to trends. 
4. Little known fact - in Fall of 2010 - I produced a small quantity (limited to 10) line of Oh Snaps That's Tight snapbacks with the intent of selling some online. Turned out to be a friends/family only release - but be on the lookout for a new collection dropping soon that may make their way online this time ;)