Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Jay-Z/Roc-A-Wear Purchases Billionaire Boys Club?

I woke up yesterday morning to news from GQ Magazine that Jay-Z purchased BBC from Pharrell. Obviously, I was shocked. Pharrell is the epitome of cool, and Jay-Z, well, raps really really well. I wasn't sure it was a logical fit, and alas - GQ didn't quite have the full story.

As facts filtered in throughout the day, including that tweet from Jay-Z himself, it started to make more sense. Apparently, Roc-A-Wear is licensing BBC, which in this case means that they are going to fund, make, and distribute the products, while Pharrell will maintain strict and sole control of the brand design/integrety. Those of you obsessed with exclusivity need not fret - there are currently no plans to mass-distribute BBC to Macy's and other mass retailers - but stay tuned for more info. Speaking of info, Hot 97's Miss Info has a good run-down of the deal and today's events.