Saturday, August 20, 2011

Striver's Row - Fall 2011

As much as I still hate to admit it - the end of Summer is near - and the fall previews are dropping left and right - so expect some town-downed colors and gear for the cooler months. Today's post features noneotherthan Striver's Row, a company I first stumbled on via Marcus Troy's website late last year, and instantly fell in love with. With a motto of "Life is in the details - style accordingly" - how could you not? Expect more of the same this year - classic americana, vintage, throwback feel, with a focus on quality. Check out more images from their current line-up over at Strivers Row's site (no online store yet - but its coming soon). And if you are even somewhat interested in the brand/their collection - please check out the video after the jump - you won't be disappointed.

Story from Strivers Row on Vimeo.