Monday, August 15, 2011

Banksy - The Antics Roadshow

Banksy is back at it with a documentary titled "The Antics Roadshow". HB summed it up pretty well:

"a slightly satirical yet seriously entertaining documentary regarding anarchists, pranksters and dilettantes the world over. From a man who acts out video games in real life (imagine Super Mario buzzing by you in his kart while hurling a banana into moving traffic) to the guy who essentially invented throwing pies at celebrities and even an interview with a person who broke into the Queen’s bathroom, the content on The Antics Roadshow is not only cleverly named but also quite well conceived. "

Check it out in its entirety after the jump.  UPDATE: Looks like the video was removed, but you internet savvy readers can find an updated link on the net. 

Note - Picture above taken from Banksy's CA tour (Corner of Compton/Washington Blvd). 

The Antics Roadshow from French Kiss on Vimeo.