Thursday, October 30, 2008

Warriors of Radness

Ok, so maybe I'm holding out. I came up on this brand during a Summer trip to Fairfax, and made the obligatory stop to The Reserve (half Freshjive flagship store, half art gallery, half book store, yeah I know that adds to 3 halves, thats how cool the store is). ANYWAY, was diggin this brand for what it was, HIGH quality, throwback gear (think early Stussy at its roots) with a nice cut'n'sew fit and sick colorways.

Well lo and behold, there was a feature on it @ The Beast today. Now that the cat's out of the

Manifested from the mind of surfer Trace Marshall, Warriors of Radness presents a fashion memoir of LA lifestyle stemming from the rough streets of East LA to the exquisite beaches of Malibu. An extension of their small 2004 clothing project, GONZ! named after surfer Eric Gross, Warriors of Radness continues their philosophical views into 2008. Along with Freshjive founder Rick Klotz and brother Chad, W.O.R demonstrates the opposite of what the surf industry has become, taking a break from the cookie cutter labels and venturing into another realm of design. With a mindset focused on strong roots from such a diverse upbringing, the collective craft garments showcasing what surfing truly represents and the free spirit involved within the process.