Wednesday, October 14, 2009

VH1 Hip Hop Honors (Roots x DJ Jazzy Jeff x Eminem)

Not sure if anyone got a chance to catch this show last night, but it was a nice tribute to Def Jam, celebrating their 25th anniversary. Seeing this performance in particular brought me back to 4th grade, vibing out to the Kriss Kross thinking they were the ticket, only to have step-pops roll in, pop out my tape, and insert his LL Cool J tape to put me up on game. Fat Boys, Run DMC, and Whodini followed, and I fell in love what I know call Pop-Hop. Anyway, how cool of a vibe did old school rap have? So different. This performance, featuring Jazzy Jeff getting down on the ones and twos, the dancers in the adidas suits and kangols, and rapid fire delivery brought me back to those days of being a care-free youth rocking out to pops boombox.