Saturday, October 03, 2009

UNDRCRWN x Mos Def (The Mos Def Collection)

Dustin Canalin of UNDRCRWN and Mos Def collaborated on a cut n sew collection for UC, and it looks quite good. See the hand drawn sketches of the line up from the collab, and the pieces come to life, over at DC's spot. I'm liking the 'revolutionary' feel of the line up, heavy on the paisley print and bold colors (greens/blacks/reds).

Mos Def's comments on the efforts: "I’m loving what [UNDRCRWN] is doing. Loving how they show creativity, wit and style with their line and I’m really inspired by how they put their garments together. Loving how they got a very unique perspective on athletic style. They make some very strong overtures to Brooklyn and Bed-Stuy and that’s me, so I responded to that almost immediately! What they’re doing is very distinct.”